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25 August 2008 @ 09:35 pm
Forever Is The Heart (Chapter One)  
 Title: Forever Is the Heart 
Written By: Perrriwynkkle
Rating: PG
Pairing: HoMin (centric), JaeMin, JaeHo, some small YooSu
Genre: Romance, mild Horror, Drama
Length: Chapter One, 1/??
Disclaimer: Story is mine, boys are not.

I say that I have forgotten everything now,
that it's not going to hurt anymore.
But even if I bite my lips and close my eyes,
I call out to you again,
and keep missing you.

I love everything I remember about you,
the traces that I can't erase,
those memories that mock me...
I love you.

A/N: Second chapter up before I leave on a short hiatus for a couple of days!! I will be moving back to where my job is located, and it takes a few days for the internet to get up and running there. So I hope you all enjoy this chapter and now have a better understanding of where this story may be going! ^-^ Thanks for reading!

P.S. I put myself up for "Best Writer" for the KPop Awards, so if you like me, please go vote for me! ^-^ Please and much love....*begs* No...okay.

It was raining by the time Changmin blinked his eyes open the next morning, the light flowing through his curtained windows a fuzzy gentle grey. 
Footsteps could be heard pounding lightly up and down the hallway that ran past the room while swift voices carried by the still air murmured groggily.
Shifting the bed-sheets to the side, Changmin walked on padded feet to the door, opening it to peer curiously out into the long hallway that led to the large parlor staircase. His eyes twitched over the dark wooden details of the mahogany room doors, around the soft white bur bur carpet on the floor, and the bright stained glass window before the stairs.
As he silently breathed in the calm atmosphere, a head popped around the stair corner, blotting into Changmin’s perfect vision of the window.
“Changmin, you’re awake!” the voice happily chimed, its owner a definite morning person. “We have guests here already and so I need you to help me get the tables set for breakfast.”
Changmin felt like glaring at him, the him being his lover of 2 years, Jaejoong.
“Alright, just, could you bring me some coffee first, I had a rough night.” He asked, his voice a terrible scratchy mess as Jaejoong pushed himself into the room and shut the door.
“Babe, you okay?” Jaejoong asked, taking a cold hand and running it delicately over Changmin’s red and sunken sleep deprived eyes. “Did you get any sleep last night?”
Changmin sighed as he walked to the closet and away from Jaejoong’s comforting hands, slinging open the door to grab a pair of jeans, “I got some sleep yes, but not a lot, that is the problem.”
Jaejoong smiled sweetly as Changmin buttoned his fly, “Have a bad dream or something?”
Throwing on a loose white t-shirt, Changmin turned to face Jaejoong who was now busying himself with making their disheveled bed.
“You could say that.” He replied, coming up behind Jaejoong to wrap his long arms around his lover’s slim middle. “Where were you last night?”
A deep moan slithered from off Jaejoong’s pink tongue as Changmin sucked the juncture between his neck and shoulders, “I stayed the night at Yoochun’s.”
Surprised, Changmin broke away, the immediate gesture making Jaejoong turn quickly to face him, “You slept at Yoochun’s house!” he shouted, his face a bright crimson red.
Jaejoong’s hands fell to his hips, “Didn’t I just say that? Now would you please let me explain before you get all bent out of shape?”
Sighing in annoyance, Changmin swung a hand, gesturing for his lover to continue.
“When I went over to Yoochun’s he asked me to stay for dinner, and so I did and we got a bit tipsy off this amazing wine he had bought in Italy.” Jaejoong explained, his face flushing at the memory, he never really did get drunk much, “Then I felt I was too drunk to drive home, so I stayed the night there, not wanting to end up dead in a ditch in Aberdeen.”
As he finished, Changmin mentally slapped himself for always assuming the worst. It had never happened with any other man he had been with, the constant worrying and over-reacting about what may be the smallest of problems, if a problem at all.
“Well, I definitely wouldn’t want you dead…” Changmin said, “Especially in Aberdeen, that place is like the sewer of Washington State.”
Chuckling and shaking his head, Jaejoong replied, “The only reason it smells like that there is because of the rotting river moss and you know it.”
“I don’t care if it is rotting river moss or twenty day old crabs; I still think it smells like a thousand tons of ass-crack.” Changmin retorted as Jaejoong rolled his eyes and fluffed a droopy pillow from on top of their bed.
“God you are so ridiculous.” Jaejoong groaned while the pillow, against his more adamant wishes, stayed thin and puff free against the white sheets of their mattress.
“And why the hell won’t this pillow fluff…they were supposed to be “fluff without fuss”!” he whined, now angry about the amount of money he had spent on the “flawless” pillows.
“Didn’t you say we had breakfast starved guests downstairs?” Changmin asked, lightly running a finger down the curve of Jaejoong’s covered spine. “Who cares about the pillows when they are in our room anyways?”
Jaejoong nodded, grabbing Changmin’s hand and leading them out the bedroom door, “Yeah I know, but I just want everything perfect for our first guests.”
Keeping his true feelings on the subject hidden, Changmin followed Jaejoong out into the hallway and down the large wooden staircase at the end of the dark hall.
The angel formed in the stained glass window seemed to be crying as the raindrops outside dripped slowly down its outside surface, like she was trying to announce the house’s very own emotions. 
Changmin could relate, the stress of it all had really gotten to him over the past few months. The insistent pull of a home-run Bed and Breakfast, and to open it up before the stretched out Seattle winter hit the Washington shores. It had been more than a little time consuming.
When Jaejoong had announced that he had bought the rotting yet dominatingly beautiful antebellum home, Changmin had been rather stunned, not to mention a little horrified. He had never done any kind of house renovations; he had lived in small, useful apartments his entire life, never large, sprawling mansions with 7 rooms and three floors.
Yet it had been Jaejoong’s dream ever since his childhood to run and operate his very own Bed and Breakfast, to renovate and construct it all from a blank canvas.
For Jaejoong, serving and catering to the needs of others was his one special talent, and Changmin would never want to take that away.
But Changmin had to admit, while working on the home and making it livable once again, he had fallen deeply in love with the property. From the first time he walked in the large mahogany and iron front double doors, watching as the sun twinkled and shot gracefully into the grand crystal chandelier hanging from the entrance parlor, he too had been pulled under the house’s spell.
It’s great main staircase, the dark wood running grainy and solid up to the second and third floors, almost twisted with a life of its own. The granite flooring at the bottom of the grand staircase, glittering black and white, reflected off the light from the impending shine of the chandelier. While the tiny front sitting parlor lay slightly hidden in all its rustic pink glory to the right of the doors, where women would go to sit and sip tea on the overstuffed, claw-feet couches and wing-tipped chairs.
Changmin continued to follow his boyfriend down the stairs   through the small wooden door separating the glorious front from the comforting back rooms of the sweeping mansion. Walking past the first room on his right, Changmin noticed a small group of guests sitting and talking in the main smoking parlor, the large green furnishings surrounding a considerably large stone fireplace currently sporting a roaring fall fire and a large deer head.
Passing the next room to his left, the small, yet interesting library and study loomed dark with it’s lights out and a rope stringing in front of it’s open door. Jaejoong had still yet to go through the rest of the antique books they had found in boxes in the basement, which they had converted into a dark wine cellar. So until the books were added, the library was open for viewing, but not exploring…sad thing, it was Changmin’s favorite room.
Once past the library, there were a few steps more until they reached the end of the hallway where another large swinging door passed them into the large formal dining room, gold plates and crystal glasses turned over for orange juice and coffee on the immense 12 person, white marble table.
Two more swinging wood doors led from opposite ends of the dining room, one, Changmin knew, turning to the hallway they had just entered from, while the other led to the kitchen and one of the many doors to the outside deck overlooking the small plot of green land.
“So,” Jaejoong started, his hands shooting in front of him to follow his words, “All you need to do to help me is to bring out the food and set it all on the table in some nice fashion, Mona should have it all ready in the kitchen.”
Changmin nodded as he walked briskly towards the kitchen door, “Okay, you go get the guests and I will go check with Mona.”
Nodding once, Jaejoong strutted out of the dining room as Changmin disappeared into the white and grey kitchen, it’s stainless steal appliances looking too bright against the old wood and brick countertops and cupboards.
“Mona you in here?” Changmin called, his voice resonating off the high church ceiling as he stepped closer to the center cutting table where the food lay, steaming and ready to serve.
“I’m over here, coming,” Mona quipped, her usually long curly hair pulled back into a messy, over the shoulder ponytail as she hobbled from inside the large pantry, a bottle of seasoning shoved in-between her long fingers, “I just had to add some cinnamon to the hash browns, gives them a nice sweet crunch when it caramelizes.”
Changmin could feel his mouth start to water, if there was one thing he loved more than anything else, it was Mona’s cooking. “Sounds great Mona, but you might wanna hurry it up, Jae is having a panic attack out there and he wants the food on the table when the guests walk in.”
“Alright, alright, give me one second!” she protested, flinging the brown spice into the large golden bowl of stringed potatoes, shoving a spoon in and quickly tossing till an even coat covered the entire portion. “Okay, get this out there…I have a plate ready for both you and Jae when your finished serving.” She said, shoving all the bowls to the far edge of the reflective counter with a flick of a ring embellished hand.
Grabbing two bowls heavy with potatoes and eggs, Changmin smiled in thanks, and walked on bended knee to set all the food swiftly onto the table before the guests came in greedy eyed and drooling.
Just before he walked in the door, he could hear the footfalls coming down the hallway and he mentally patted himself on the back.
The first meal at their bed and breakfast, ready to be served…Changmin knew he had never been so relieved.
“Gosh the meal was perfection Mona…” Changmin praised as he set another gold plated dish into the large industrial dishwasher. “I mean, those eggs were so fluffy, how did you do it?”
Mona shook her head, her plump, pregnant belly lightly hitting the table as she ran it over with a wet washcloth, “You might be cute Changmin, but I am not telling you the secrets to my Portuguese cooking…you’ll have to pry it off my dead and lifeless body.”
A bursting laugh came bubbling up from Changmin’s throat, “Alright, I won’t ask again then. Well, Mona, I am finished here and I was planning on going to the cellar to choose the merlot for tonight, do you need anymore help here before I waltz on out?”
Mona looked around the room, her eyes analyzing, “Nah, go ahead, get your pert little butt out of my kitchen.”
Saluting, Changmin took the hint and started down the large stone steps to the cold basement below. When Jaejoong and Changmin had first discovered the immense basement below the establishment, they had really no idea what they were going to do with it. The first thought was to just block it off or use it as storage, but Changmin felt like wasting such a large space was pure idiocy, so the wine cellar came into particular view. They kept more than wine down in its winding rows as well; there were also prided beers, locally made liquors, and expensive champagne. The cellar was more than the bed and breakfast’s pride a joy; it was now a definite part of the house’s soul.
Breaking down on the dust of the landing, Changmin looked up and down the horizontal rows of dark and clear bottles, their corks all facing out, the labels all turned up. Though wine was never something Changmin had actually been interested in, he had taken up a keen curiosity as to which wine might adhere the taste buds to a specific food.  Once he had announced his feelings to Jaejoong, he was immediately made into the B&B’s top wine sampler. Though they really had no choice in the matter anyways.
His footsteps echoed through the large cellar as he walked slowly down each aisle, the scent of dust and wood chips from the renovations spiraling through his nostrils as the air grew cooler. Noticing a familiar and old white wine, Changmin lifted it carefully off it’s dark iron hanger, ready to study the label as a voice suddenly chimed clean and clear through the salty cold air,
“If you’re going to have steak, I would suggest a rugged red wine instead of a fruity white.”
“It’s you!” Changmin shouted, his hands flailing but never actually leavening his grip on the butt of the wine bottle. “And must you really do that?” He turned to face the figure he had come to know from the night before, its handsome features leaning carelessly against a nearby wine rack.
“Do what?” the figure asked, his clothes and body still the same as it was the night before…perfect and see-through.
“You know, appear out of no-where thing.” Changmin asked, setting the bottle of white carefully back down on the rack.
The figure didn’t show any emotion as he replied, “I can’t control when I appear, so it really has nothing to do with the fact of scaring you.”
“You didn’t scare me.” Changmin spat, walking farther down the row of bottles, “I am just surprised you kept your promise.”
The figure followed him, the wine racks visible through his transparently milky silhouette, “My promise?” he asked as his inky black eyes glittered seemingly from his own illumination.
Changmin glared back, his fright and horror at the fact that he was talking to a ghost being held back by tremulous reason for fact.
Realization crossed the figure’s intense facial features, “Oh yes, I quite remember now.”
“Oh, that’s good.” Changmin snarled sarcastically, “Didn’t know ghosts had memories.”
The figure raised an eyebrow, “How did you assume I’m a ghost?” he asked, still slowly following one step behind Changmin’s retreating walk.
“Maybe because you’re dressed a little funny, you talk a little funny, and you’re kind of fucking see-through.” Changmin sneered as he ran a finger lightly over the curve of a bottle, turning to look at the ghost directly.
Again Changmin felt the cold shivers run down his spine as the ghost chuckled handsomely, “Well I am a projection of the past, so you are half correct.”
“What is the part I am missing then?”
The figure stepped even closer, his jet black hair glimmering and ink black eyes searching, “You asked who I was.” He licked his lips, “I’m Yunho.”
Changmin didn’t like their close proximity, “Changmin.”
Yunho smiled, his white teeth glowing, “I know.”
Pulling back, the ghost, now known as Yunho, stopped in front of one specific rack, the dark black bottles dated 1991.
“Serve them one of these reds…you need a red wine to compliment a heavy meat, especially when one is to have its full taste potential.”
Changmin nodded nervously, he hadn’t noticed his heart had been beating so fast before, “Right, thanks.” He replied, looking up to find Yunho’s figure entirely invisible, or better yet, utterly gone.
Shaking his head in disbelief of what he had just experienced, Changmin grabbed the specified wine of choice and sighed tiredly as he walked back up the gliding stone steps.
What the hell was wrong with him?
 to be continued....

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나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on August 26th, 2008 05:36 am (UTC)

This gives me il mare sort of vibes. Ah~~ I was right, a sexy ghost indeed. ♥

Aww... good luck with the moving ^^
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 26th, 2008 05:44 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks I am going to need the luck! *hugs*

Sexy ghost ftw!
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: chunlovefiat_amorfati on August 26th, 2008 05:50 am (UTC)
send him over to my place when you're done with Mr. Sexy Ghost/ Construction Worker/ Insatiable Lover XD

*hugs back* Have a good time packing and unpacking *evil laughter*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 26th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
Yunho is a lot of things combined isn't he! XDDD I will send him over to you...but I am keeping the sexified Changmin!

Oh yes, packing and unpacking is what I live for...DAMN YOU MFWI FOR MAKING ME MOVE.
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: chunlovefiat_amorfati on August 26th, 2008 06:10 am (UTC)
He's more, a lot more. I left out Mr. sex-on-legs, Mr. pail of fail... etc. You can keep minnie mouse but we should totally lock them in a room once a week so you won't lose your smut muse 8D

Oh, do you move around often? I hate unpacking D;
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 26th, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)
I have to move every new session at MFWI...it's a pain in the butt. BTW, if you are curious, I teach english to Japanese girls while living with them and going on trips with them. (and I am in the USA...not Japan). LOL!

I promise my smut muse will not be faltered!

HEY...GO VOTE FOR ME ON THE KPOP AWARDS!!!! (cause i am a whore and want votes...XDD)
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: hosufiat_amorfati on August 26th, 2008 06:42 am (UTC)
Well, it doesn't sound that bad if you still do it ^0^. Does that mean you can speak Japanese well?

I'll help you look for your muse if it ever on hiatus ^^

Er... I'm not sure what it is yet. The vote and stuff, i'll take a look at it later ^^;
romanchika: jaeminromanchika on August 26th, 2008 08:07 am (UTC)
lol i was wrong alright~ i thought the ghost was Jae T_T

but ghost Yunho is mysterious, and its so funny that Min is least disturbed by the fact that he can see and talk to a ghost!

gawd.. i need HoMin icons! lol *waits for next chap* XD
ya3fan: pic#76154825ya3fan on January 5th, 2009 11:27 am (UTC)
wah this fic is soo interesting~<3 I love the plot<3 x3

I like the idea of Yunho being a ghost =3 and the fact that Changmin talks to a ghost without freaking out amuses me :3
Feinissy_angel on October 28th, 2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
loving this ~