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01 December 2008 @ 03:54 pm
Life of Us: Blurb Collections  
Title: Life of Us: Blurb Collections
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: R
Pairings: None
Length: Blurbs, collection
Disclaimer: DBSK = SM Ent. ownership

Summary: Collection of blurbs about Jaejoong and Changmin and what they may be thinking in their beautiful heads.

A/N: My computer is dead, so my online activity will be low until I either get a new one or get it fixed. So I apologize for the terrible waits I have made you guys go through. I will try and get more blurbs and finish my open ended stories as soon as I can. Love love!


Yes, you were wearing fur. Yes it was as fake as it was shiny, and yes, it was a vest. A vest worn over a very inexpensive red and black plaid button-up which you just happened to find in a trash can 7 years earlier. At the time the shirt had been too big, swallowing you in fluffy flannel, yet now it fit snug, just perfect, right at your hip line.
But when you decided to top the whole outfit off with black, not needed glasses without lenses…that is when you knew you looked totally perfect.
Confidence, something you had an abundance of, was the only thing that would make your outfit publically tolerable. Even if people didn’t like it, they could eat your fucking shoe shiner for all you cared. Your outfits were unique, they were simple, and yet they made you stand out like a penguin in a desert.
You loved it dammit.
You loved it.


It’s not a purse.
It’s not a man-bag.
It’s just a BAG people.
Something for you to put your ever growing amount of needed ‘things’ inside.
Backpacks were only used by children and school-girls, you were a high-fashion celebrity, and as such, you knew you had to have a way to manage your ‘junk’, as your friends so cheerfully called it.
Camera, extra glasses, contacts, contact cleaner, pens, pencils, notebook, Japanese dictionary, extra socks, licorice, Tylenol, green tea bags, your three I-Pods, two ear-bud sets, the small first-aid kit you made in boy scouts, and a small pack of stale gum.
If the plane crashed you were ready.
Indigestion? Ready.
Headache? Ready.
Instant black-hole-swallowing of the universe as we know it. Totally fucking ready.
Screw the other guys.
If they wanted to make fun of you, let them.
Your licorice was staying put, in your fucking BAG.



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