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24 December 2008 @ 04:09 pm
XXX-mas (Breathless Romance)  
Title: XXX-mas (Breathless Romance)
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: R
Pairing: HoMin
Length: 1/1, one-shot
Disclaimer: SM owns DBSK...*cries*

Summary: Changmin get's festive with Yunho for the holidays!

A/N: Okay, so yesterday I found this
amazing piece of artwork by trolleys and I just HAD to write about it. Though I know one fanfiction has already been done, I just really had to write this little diddy. The picture was just SOOOO amazing, trolleys you are incredibly talented! I hope everyone (trolleys exceptionally), likes this small one-shot I wrote about HoMin. This is my Xmas present to my loyal fans whom I thank with all my heart! Without you guys, I probably would have stopped writing about the pairings that I love.

Merry X-mas, and Happy New Year everybody! I love you all so much! Thanks for supporting me!

“What the hell is this?” Changmin pouted, his lover eying him like a steak thrown at a hungry lion. “Yunho, really, was this honestly necessary?”
Yunho nodded as he circled Changmin's interestingly attired body, a smile lifting his lips at the sight of his plan in action.
He had thought about doing this a few days ago as they had put up the Christmas tree, the tinsel and golden star calling to him luridly from the plastic pine boahes.
“I think you have now gone clinically insane.” Changmin shouted while rolling his eyes, trying to find his ever circling boyfriend.
Stopping his progression, Yunho stood, his feet shoulder-width apart, in front of Changmin's heaving chest, his eyes crawling slowly in decline down the glistening red tinsel wrapping loosely around wide shoulders and a jutting pair of hips. The clothes underneath pulled tighter against the smooth skin he knew was underneath as Changmin twitched against the tinsel fibers, the red ornament ball precariously, yet preciously, hanging from the tip of his tall right ear.
Changmin glared as he looked down upon his own torso, blushing as Yunho continued to stare, “What about this whole process is really turning you on here?” he asked, eyes twinkling in the dim light of the secluded living room.
Yunho smiled once again, his fingers coming up to stroke against his stubble haired chin, “Somethings missing...” he jabbed his finger in Changmin's face, “I just can't figure out...” he snapped the presently pointing finger, “AHA! I know...what...is missing...from this picture.”
“Missing?” Changmin asked, apprehension fluid in his voice, “What the hell could be missing from this insanity?”
Yunho walked near the now naked tree, his palm wrapping greedily around the shining golden star atop the tiny tree.
A giggle was stifled as he roved back to face his lover, carefully setting the star atop Changmin's short, spiky chocolate locks.
Changmin looked about ready to hurl, “What the fuck Yunho.”
He couldn't keep the laugh in as Changmin tried his best to look intimidating, “Yes my love?”
“My love?” Changmin would have thrown his arms up if they presently weren't tied down, “Can you please tell me why I am dressed like this?”
A chuckle rumbled through Yunho's chest as he stepped closer to his boyfriend's body, his warmth melding and spinning in the small space between.
“You look absolutely adorable.” he said, watching as the blush grew ever more pink against Changmin's caramel cheeks.
Changmin huffed, the sharp exhale of air moving Yunho's tinged bangs, “Oh really?” he asked as Yunho pushed forward, their lips inches apart, “I would have never thought.”
A smirk pulled up the side of Yunho's lips, “Think again.”
Pushing himself even farther on slightly extended toes, Yunho slid his lips tenderly across his partner's, the gasp escaping from Changmin's lips barely smoothing across their tender skin.
The kiss deepened as Yunho slid a wandering finger beneath the loosened band of Changmin's pants, the skin on skin contact making the world around them seem to spin in slow motion.
Breath mingled and twined, lips crashed and collided, and the only sounds the symphony of mashing skin and slick saliva.
The tinsel tickled happily against Changmin's long bare neck, the ornament around his ear hitting with a clank against his piercings as his head moved side to side.
Lips and tongues fought carelessly against one another, not trying to win yet not trying to loose, both vying for strength and passion as the prize.
Yunho's right hand trailed under Changmin's tidy shirt and sweater, attracted to the silky caramel skin underneath, while the other clung to the back of Changmin's craning neck.
Time had stopped. Frozen in their embrace.
A small lingering trail of spit was the only trace of their union as they pulled apart, Changmin's blush a deep lobster red.
“Well, now that you have seen me like this...” he chuckled, “Can I take it off now?”
Yunho sighed, “I guess so.”
“You know...” Changmin whispered huskily as Yunho began to pull the tinsel off, “I still have those red boxer briefs from last year...”
Yunho cleared his throat, the holiday décor sitting loose in his palms, “Hm, I think I'll take up your offer.”
The golden star, still sitting on Changmin's hair, fell with a clank to the floor as the last of the tinsel fell into the couch, his arms pulling Yunho into another heated embrace.
“I love you.” he sighed, rubbing his cold nose down the expanse of Yunho's naked neck, “Even if you dress me up like a retarded Christmas tree.”
Yunho's laugh reverberated through Changmin's chest and lips as they kissed, the warmth from their bodies heating up the cool air, “I love you as well, thank you for letting me dress you up like a retarded Christmas tree.”
“Did it really turn you on?” Changmin asked as they walked, still interlocked, Yunho backwards and Changmin forwards, toward the open door of their bedroom.
A glint of evil longing flashed through Yunho's chocolate orbs, “More than it should have.”

Shutting the door with a click, the sound of laughter permeated through the walls as the tinsel fell gracefully and fluidly to the floor.

Merry Christmas!

*what do you guys think of this poster? too much?

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나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on December 25th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
ASDGLKJ... another fic because of trolleys

“I love you as well, thank you for letting me dress you up like a retarded Christmas tree.”
“Did it really turn you on?”

Who wouldn't, really? OMG I love this series~ and what about the red boxer??!!!! I can only remember the chaps that Changmin wore in the main story.

Merry Christmas bb♥

ps: the poster is find but if you want another I think I can make you one~ ^^

perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
YOU MAKE ME POSTER!!!! *glomp attacks* OMG...I LOVE YOU!!! My photoshop is gone since I got the new compie, and so I have to get Pat to put it back on my new compie. *cries* I miss it.

Yes, trolleys is a genius woman, and I wish I had her ubber talent. The drawings are breath-taking and beautiful!

Red boxers...they were a story before breathless romance even took place. ^-^ I may write about it in my upcoming Breathless Romance Pre stuff...I think I am going to call it..."Take My Breath Away" Series...but I don't know. It seems to me we need a story about how Yunho and Changmin got together in the first place. ^-^
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on December 25th, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
LOL, consider it as a possible belated Christmas present. I'll get around to do it when I'm done with some house chores. I wonder if I have good pictures for this... ^0^

If God let me choose a talent it will be the ability to draw. <333

ASDGKJL, pre-Breathless Romance???! Are you trying to kill me with this epic universe of yours?? I can't wait!!!!!! more fails, more sex, more porn, more kinks... *fans self*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 05:52 am (UTC)
ehehehehehe...i love being the evil writer....it's fun.

ANYWAYS...yes, pre-Breathless Romance.

Will have sex.
Will have kinks.
Will have porn.
and ultimately WILL have fails.
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on December 25th, 2008 08:51 am (UTC)
and I'm a patient reader! Oh~ my heart goes doki doki with your promises of naughty words 8D

Sorry about the previous comment. lj is wonky and my connection is wonkier, takes forever to load a page...

but the good news is I'm done with my bribe your Christmas gift 8D.

I hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to change anything~ ♥
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 08:54 am (UTC)
OMG...I LOVE IT! I wouldn't change a thing about it!!! Especially since it is a gift, and telling a person to change is gift is so damn rude...but yours is perfect so there is no need anways!

I am glad I make your heart go doki doki cause then that means I am accomplishing my goals of making fans squirm. YES!!
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on December 26th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)

I'm glad that you love it. I like the posessive maknae/blushing older lover thing that goes in there haha.

I really don't mind changing the wordings/the positions. So don't be shy shy with me, okay? ^^
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: tonguefiat_amorfati on December 25th, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)
Erm... I just realized that you want a poster, not a banner or does it make any difference? ^^;
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
no difference, this is perfect and wonderful!
fairytokyo on December 25th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
*squishes homin*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
heehee, thanks a million!
Yuxiyuxo on December 25th, 2008 09:30 am (UTC)
awww that is so cute! :D :3

so romantic. i love the thought of the two of them just kissing. sexiest thing ever. :) ♥
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading!

Yuxo I haven't seen you in a while! Kissing is sexy isn't it...
Yunho's Honey Funny Bunnykuro_wolf on December 25th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
OMG! I didnt know there was a series! *squeels~*
I love HoMin, lovelovelovelovelove!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 25th, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC)
yes there is a whole series, and I hope you like them all! ^^

I am glad you like it!
realitywaiting on December 26th, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
8D I LOVE this series! it's so adorably sweet! I love homin in love! ♥
doma_arsonicadoma_arsonica on December 29th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
haha Yunho and his kinks of Christmas trees..he's weird like that. But hell if it makes him happy -ninja wraps Min-

haha the fluff at the end..really sweet. =] just how christmas should bee..