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09 July 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Innocence of Seduction (Chapter Five)  
Title: Innocence of Seduction
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeHoMin
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: NC-17: For language and sexual situations
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, SM Entertainment does...plagerism is not welcome. 
Length: Chapter 5/8

Changmin loves both Jaejoong and Yunho, but how will he ever get them to realise it? 

Yunho walked back into the bedroom he shared with the other guys and shut the door silently. When Yoochun had shouted back at Changmin, it had, to Yunho’s much relived brain, woken everyone else up to get ready for their busy day ahead. 
Yunho leaned against the door, his eyes closing for a short time, trying to get all his emotions in check. 
He had just kissed his youngest friend, the sweet innocent, adorable, sexy, and horribly addictive Changmin Shim.
“Dammit.” Yunho growled under his breath pushing away from the door. His heart was beating faster than it ever had while in dancing practice, and his hands were slightly shaking as he picked up a pair of pants to slide on over his boxers.
The door opened as Yunho was looping a belt through the waist of his jeans, and he knew it was Jaejoong. He could feel Jaejoong’s presence before the man had to say anything to alert him to his entrance. That is how Yunho knew he loved the man, everything about him, his smell, his eyes, his silly and sarcastic smile…it all made him irresistible.
Looking up after fastening his jeans tightly to his hips, Yunho smiled quickly at his lover, turning away quickly as to hide the blush creeping up his neck and into his high cheekbones.
Jaejoong smiled as he walked bare-footed across the cold hardwood floor to lay a hand on Yunho’s cotton covered back, rubbing circles up and down the hard shoulder blades.
“Look at me Yunho.” Jaejoong whispered. “Why won’t you look at me? Do I have something in my teeth?”
Yunho sighed loudly, his eyes closing behind long, side-swept bangs. Jaejoong’s lips formed into a pout as he rounded around Yunho’s side to face his boyfriend eye to eye.
“There is something wrong, and you are not telling me.” Jaejoong pouted, his arms crossing in front of his torso in annoyance. 
Yunho looked up into his boyfriend’s face, the blush still quite apparent on his softly tanned skin. “It’s nothing Jae-Bear, just nervous about the TV show…you know how I am in the mornings.”
“That is a lie and you know it…you are horrible at lying.” Jaejoong said, his voice slightly rose in volume. “I know you Yunnie, and your eyes don’t hide anything…so what is up?”
Yunho opened his mouth to answer, unsure of what he was going to say, but Jae stopped him before he could even squeak a note.
“Don’t say “nothing” again…” Jaejoong said as he lifted up a hand to shove in Yunho’s wide-eyed face. “You without a problem now-a-days is like…Niagara Falls with no water. It just doesn’t work.”
Yunho chuckled slightly, he loved Jaejoong’s horrible proverbs, he never said them right.
“It works...you just have to oil the hinges correctly so that everything flows smoothly and in unison.”
Jaejoong crooked an eyebrow, “Since when does ‘gangsta boy’ speak like he just fell out of a romance novel?”
Yunho smiled, his teeth a perfect white as he grabbed Jaejoong and kissed him slowly and sensuously on the lips. Their mouths didn’t open, but slid against each other, their lips turning red and slightly swollen as they ran their fingers through each other’s hair and down shirt covered backs.
Pulling away, Yunho smiled once again and said, “We will talk about it later alright.”
Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, his eyes a sparkling black, “Why not! I can live until tonight I guess…but you’re still a lying bastard.” He said, his quiet chuckle swallowed by another one of Yunho’s passionate kisses.
The five boys walked off the stage to the morning show, the bright lights making the trek through the dark back hallways behind the stage almost suicide. 
Changmin tripped slightly over some lighting wiring, cursing under his breath as he gained his footing once again by putting his hand on the wall beside him. He could hear Jaejoong and Yunho in front of him, whispering, slight bursts of laughter and innocent groping accompanying their seemingly amusing conversation. Yoochun and Junsu were also talking, but louder and about soccer, something probably more innocent than what Changmin knew Jae and Yunnie were conversing about.
“Left out as usual.” Changmin muttered under his breath, his voice being drowned out by the sounds of their footfalls on the concrete floor.
As they reached the dressing room, Changmin pulled himself to the front of the group, opening the door quickly and sliding behind his specified changing screen. He didn’t want to have paparazzo taking his picture today, he really didn’t, he wasn’t in the mood. After the morning kiss he had shared with Yunho, the older man no longer talked to him or acknowledged him the whole rest of the morning. It was like Yunho had become Mr. Avoidance and Changmin knew the rest of the guys knew it was going on, their faces were more tense than usual as they got up to do their interview and sing for the TV show. What made it worse, Changmin stood right next to Yunho and shared most of the duet parts with him, and through the whole song, Yunho did not look at Changmin once. Nor did he look at him through the whole interview, even though he was sitting on the stool not 5 inches away from Changmin’s left arm.
Already changed, Changmin emerged from behind his screen, grabbed his Harry Potter book and sat down in the squishy couch shoved into a corner of the dressing room. Pulling on his glasses, Changmin started to read, too engrossed by the wands and wizards to notice Yunho staring lovingly at him as he emerged from behind his changing screen.
Yunho had felt horrible after talking with Jae that morning in the bedroom. He felt guilty for in some way cheating on him by kissing Changmin. So he decided he would avoid said boy as to not get any more urges, although it was near next to impossible with what the stylists had chosen for Changmin to wear that day. Low riding jeans that fit snug in all the right places, a tight black t-shirt, with a high school letterman’s button up sweater pulled over the top and dark navy blue Converse slid on his feet. He looked preppy and adorable; his hair left to wave delicately around his face, making his nose and cheekbones stand out slightly. He was strikingly beautiful that morning, the host of the show even said so, and she could barely take her eyes off of him.
Now, as Changmin slid down into the couch, his old jeans ripped at the knees, his white undershirt covered by a black business jacket, and his glasses sliding down his nose…Yunho gave up the pity party and stared. He had barely ever noticed this side of Changmin, the child-like, teenager who had never really been able to express his true feelings, or experience the same things most high schoolers did since he had become a pop star. Changmin had been the only one of the group, besides Junsu, who had had quite a privileged home life before he became part of TVXQ. Sometimes, back when they were in training, Yunho and Jaejoong would gang up on him, calling him spoiled and saying that he never really knew the hardships of life. 
Yunho gasped as he realized, at that time, Changmin would have only been 15 years old…he was now 20, no, 19. He had grown up to be quite a mature and smart young man, not to mention talented and good looking. It gave Yunho quite a burst of pride as he realized, he had helped in some way, to make Changmin the man he saw sitting before him.
Yunho had barely noticed that he had walked up to Changmin’s side; he had been so lost in thought. Changmin’s head was shoved so close to the book, his face was no longer visible, and Yunho couldn’t help but chuckle.
Changmin jumped at the sound, his head cranking up to look at his older band-mate.
“Can I help you with something?” Changmin asked, moving his bookmark in-between the pages he was reading. Yunho cleared his throat and made up an excuse as fast as he could, “I am going to get drinks, and I can’t carry them all myself.”
Changmin cocked an eyebrow, his lips curving into an amused smile. “Alright, I am coming.” He sighed as he set his book down on top of his book bag, and Yunho helped pull him up off the squishy couch with a hand.
Yunho shouted to the rest of the group that they would be back with drinks, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu only nodded, to engrossed in the Nintendo DS they were currently playing with.
Walking out the door, Changmin and Yunho rushed quickly to get away from the light bulbs that were flashing from a few steps down the hall in the opposite direction. Looking over at Yunho, Changmin asked as they rounded a corner and slowed down to a walk, “Do you even know where the drink machine is?”
Yunho smiled evilly, “No, I don’t. But I know where the stairs are.”
Changmin looked confused over at his hyung, “What do you mean…what do stairs have to do with any _” Changmin couldn’t finish as he was thrown into a dimly lit stairwell landing Yunho had pulled him in.
“Yunho, what the…” Again Changmin’s words were cut off as Yunho grabbed him by the front of his blazer and pressed his lips to Changmin’s.
Yunho forced open Changmin’s mouth with his tongue, rolling it around the walls of his mouth, running along the smooth planks of his teeth. Yunho sucked and pulled at Changmin’s hot, greedy mouth, his breath getting quick and rushed. Pulling away to suck in air, Yunho replied, his voice husky, “God, I can’t get enough of you…you taste so good.” Changmin was pushed hard up against a wall, Yunho’s hands gliding up into his shirt and running over his hard nipples, pinching and pulling them.
“Ah, Yunho..ah.” Changmin gasped, surprised still at the sudden actions of his hyung. Just a few minutes ago he would have sworn Yunho wanted to kill him, and now…here he was being practically molested in a stairwell. Not that he was complaining though.
Yunho groaned into another kiss as he rubbed his erection into Changmin’s through their jeans, the friction feeling wonderful.
“God, I shouldn’t be doing this…” Yunho moaned as his hips thrust against Changmin’s, “But you feel amazing…and…” Yunho didn’t finish as he noticed Changmin was looking at him harshly, his eyes glazed over with lust, but with a another emotion swimming in the brown depths. 
“Uhm, I think we should stop Yunho.” Changmin said Yunho looked up surprised, for what reason would he want to stop?
“You need to figure out your feelings; I don’t want to break you two up.”
Yunho was now confused, his hand on the wall beside Changmin’s, Changmin’s lips red and swollen and his glasses sitting slightly crooked on his perky nose.
“Break us up?” Yunho asked, his face contorting in confusion. “You mean, Jaejoong and me?”
Changmin only stared at the floor, then replied, “Just talk with him, you’ll figure it out…and when you do, I will be waiting.”
Changmin then bent below Yunho’s outstretched arms and walked out the door, only to stop and come back in, asking,
“Where did you say the drink machine was again?”

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