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10 July 2008 @ 09:46 am
Innocence of Seduction (Chapter Seven)  
Title: Innocence of Seduction
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeHoMin
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: NC-17: For language and sexual situations
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, SM Entertainment does...plagerism is not welcome. 
Length: Chapter 7/8

Changmin loves both Jaejoong and Yunho, but how will he ever get them to realise it? 

Yunho couldn’t stand it anymore, there had to be something wrong between Changmin and Jaejoong. That night when the boys had sat down for dinner, it had taken Changmin more than 30 seconds to reach the table, which was a feat that never happened normally. 
Yes, Yunho had heard them arguing and heard the door slam, but he couldn’t pick up what exactly had been said through the heavy front door from the back room.
Until dinner, a word hadn’t been exchanged between any of the band members, not even Yoochun and Junsu, who had also heard the yelling but not the specific words of the argument.
The clattering of chopsticks against teeth couldn’t have been any louder as it was right then, so Yunho said,
“Uhm, what did everyone think of the interview today? The fans were rather kind today, leaving us those flowers huh?”
Yoochun looked up, seemingly surprised his hyung had said anything at the tension filled table.
“Oh, yeah, the fans were kind…just like they always are.” He said as he tipped his head with a shrug, digging his chopsticks back into the steaming foam cup of noodles.
Junsu nodded his agreement, “Yeah, it was a good interview.”
The silence filled the room once more, almost stifling in its ferocity, and Yunho sighed, trying to start conversation up again.
“I think, tomorrow, we have an interview on this new show that is called “Egg”, which is supposedly for trying out new foods. You should love it Min, I heard they will be serving natto to remind us of our trips to Japan.”
“Sounds like a blast hyung.” Changmin replied unenthusiastically, not looking up from his food, afraid he might catch someone’s eye and his feelings would be revealed once again.
“What time do we need to be up tomorrow?” Junsu asked cautiously as he eyed the now silent CHangmin sitting across the table from him. Yunho swallowed the leftover noodles in his mouth and replied,
“We should be out of the apartment by 9am tomorrow, since the show’s taping is at 10am. Our stylists will be here around 8:15 to get us all ready for the taping, and we should be able to wear our outfits out of the apartment since it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.”
Bringing the foam cup to his mouth, Yunho downed the yellow broth left at the bottom, getting up to throw away the cup and wash his chopsticks and water cup. His chair made a deafening screech on the wood floor as he stood, Jaejoong following in quick succession, his own noodles only half consumed.
“Jae don’t you want to finish your noodles?” Yunho asked, his face plastered with worry. Jaejoong looked up into his face, his eyes trying to bore a message into his brain,
“No, I am fine.” Jaejoong said as he stuffed his cup with unneeded force into the garbage can. “Junsu, thanks for cooking up these, I owe you one.”
Junsu nodded his head in recognition, and turned his attention back to his meal, not noticing the way Jaejoong grabbed Yunho’s wrist, dragging him into their shared room.
Changmin slurped up the rest of his noodles and went to stand, but a hand fell lightly upon his shoulder holding him back.
“Changmin, is anything wrong between you and Jaejoong?” Junsu asked as Yoochun looked up from his now empty cup, both their faces full of confusion and worry.
Changmin tried his best to plaster on a convincing smile and assured, “Nothing is wrong guys, we only had a little tiff, and we’ll be over it by tomorrow.”
“Well,” Yoochun started, “You know that if you ever need to talk you can come to either of us okay? We will gladly put our other things aside to help you.”
Changmin looked into Yoochun’s brown eyes, the orbs showing only sincerity and concern. “Thanks guys, but I am over what happened, Jaejoong will be over it soon too. Don’t worry about me; I am just going to turn in early tonight.”
Junsu and Yoochun nodded and offered to throw Changmin’s cup away as he went off to take a shower.
Changmin felt their worried eyes watching him as he closed the bathroom door, the cold wood hitting him hard in the back as he leaned up against it.
Pushing off the door, Changmin turned on the water and stepped into the warming spray, the slightly cold water lifting his spirits minimally.
He soon found himself wondering what Yunho and Jaejoong were doing at this very moment, thinking they were probably fucking like bunnies to try and forget him.
“Dammit!” Changmin whispered harshly as he pounded his fist hard onto the tiled shower wall out of anger and annoyance.
Again, he failed.
Jaejoong shut the door to their work room quietly after dinner after having pulled Yunho in beside him quite roughly.
“Jae, what are you doing? Why did you pull me in here, what’s the rush?” Yunho asked, completely confused as to the hurry they had been in just a minute ago. Jaejoong clicked the lock into place on the door, ensuring that no one would overhear their conversation, and turned to face his boyfriend standing confused in the middle of the room. Jaejoong’s eyes showed all the emotions that were pulling at him like a game of tug of war, sadness, worry, love and confusion all abound in the brown irises.
Blushing for a reason Yunho didn’t know, Jaejoong admitted, “I need to talk to you, now, before I regret it in a second.” His breath not slowing as he stood immobile next to the door, his hands keeping him upright by one palm’s placement on the wall and the other on the door’s secured lock. He knew he had to tell Yunho about his feelings for Changmin, but he also knew that if he did, the reaction could be something he wouldn’t be able to stand. But he loved Yunho far too much to lie and he sucked at it anyhow.
Yunho’s hands flew up into the air in mock surrender as Jaejoong stood silent and nervous. “If this has anything to do with tonight at dinner I would love to hear it.”
“It has everything to do about dinner…and some things that have happened over the past few days.” Jaejoong said albeit harsher than needed, his nervousness apparent through his shaking voice and gleaming black pool eyes.
Yunho pulled a wheelie chair from under his desk over to the middle of the room and sat down, waving his hand in a gesture to continue. Jaejoong took a shaking breath, running a hand through his sweat drenched bangs that had been clinging to his forehead. The confusion swam over him, drowning him in scared apprehension as he built up the courage to tell his secret. He felt like he was going to vomit.
“Well, tonight…” Jaejoong swallowed the spit that had been trying to keep his mouth from going dry. “Changmin and I had quite the conversation out in the vestibule.”
Yunho rolled his eyes, “Oh really? I had no idea.” His voice coming out annoyed and harsh.
Jaejoong glared half-heartedly at his boyfriend, “Sarcasm aside...there is something Changmin admitted to me which I need to really talk about.” He finished, looking up and over his long lashes into Yunho’s eyes once again to assure he could go on with his speech. 
Yunho nodded, over exaggerating the movement and asked with a cough, “What might that something be per say?”
Jaejoong took a deep breath, his eyes boring into Yunho’s, “He admitted he…loves us.” He choked out while he stood still as a statue awaiting Yunho’s needed reply.
Yunho’s eyes grew wide and his hands ran through his hair, he was now as nervous as Jaejoong. “Loves us…as in…like….”
“As in like” Jaejoong continued, “Wanting to join in our little boyfriend parade, yes.”
Yunho did not respond for a while, the quiet seemingly turning the brightly lit room into more of a choking chamber of emotion for Jaejoong.
“He wants us to be a threesome?” Yunho asked, the tone not implicating a question, more like a fact. Yunho sighed lightly, and Jaejoong’s breathing kept increasing rapidly, the air flowing hard in and out of his lungs. The one thing he didn’t want was to loose the man he loved so dearly sitting in front of him. He could surely never live life the same way without him, he was his rock, his secure spot, the one thing that made him utterly happy and content…to loose him….Jaejoong didn’t want to think about it.
Jaejoong nodded, “Yes, both figuratively and literally.”
Yunho’s eyes bugged, “You mean, he wants to have sex with us?”
Jaejoong laughed nervously his strength waning, “I am quite sure that is part of the plan.”
Jaejoong pushed off the door and pulled his own chair up next to Yunho’s, his legs were giving out, and so he sat down lightly, keeping his feet on the floor, head in his hands.
“So what do you think Jaejoong?” Yunho asked first, catching Jaejoong off guard with his smooth honey voice, calm and contrite.
“Well, to be completely honest,” Jaejoong replied, blushing horribly, the cold sweat running down his back. “I quite like the idea of him joining us…I mean…I have been noticing my feelings for him are stronger than the other two,” Jaejoong paused, looking up to watch Yunho’s reactions cross his handsome facial features.  “My feelings for him are at about the same wavelength as my feelings for you.”
Yunho’s face showed no surprise and this startled Jaejoong, thinking he must have said something wrong. This was turning out all wrong, this wasn’t supposed to happen, and he knew he had to rectify it.
“I am sorry Yunnie, I really am, I do love you…but I also love him…I can’t…oh fuck…” Jaejoong covered his mouth with his sweaty palm, his teeth sinking into the soft skin found there. Jaejoong knew he couldn’t loose Yunho, no matter what happened, he couldn’t loose him. Yunho was his life, was the man he wanted to love for the rest of his days on earth…loosing him would be like living without a soul.
“Yunho…really, I wish I could explain how I feel about him without it sounding so fucked up! You have to understand I love you more than anything, and I want to spend every day…”
Yunho stopped Jaejoong from going any further by smiling and putting a hand over Jaejoong’s cheek, rubbing his thumb up and down the slope of his bone.
“Jae…this may sound weird but…I feel the same way.” Yunho admitted, a bit of a blush creeping up his own cheeks. Jaejoong pulled away; surprised by his boyfriend’s easy honesty, since he had believed Yunho was going to freak out and dump him.
“Dammit Yunho I thought you were going to go all ape shit on me when I told you!” Jaejoong whispered harshly has he playfully punched his shoulder and laughed slightly as relief flushed out the fear in his bloodstream.
Yunho smiled, his white teeth blinding and said, “Well actually…today, I kissed him.”
Jaejoong glared at him, “You did what?”
“I kissed him.” Yunho said with a shrug, his hand reaching for Jaejoong’s, “In the stairwell when we went to go get drinks after the show.”
Jaejoong started to laugh along with Yunho, and pushed his hand away from his playfully.
“Yunho…I kissed him too, in the bathroom a few days ago…you know when you walked in and he was brushing his teeth.” Yunho nodded, replying,
“Oh, I wish I could have seen that up close…you and Changmin must have been hot!”
Jaejoong smirked and punched him in the arm once more. “But wait Yunho; doesn’t it seem a little odd that we both started noticing our feelings for the guy at the same time?”
Yunho slid his lover’s chair closer to his till their knees were touching, his strong arm holding the wheels still on the ground, as he slid his hands up Jaejoong’s thighs.
“The little booger was trying to seduce us, wasn’t he?” Yunho proclaimed as his fingers started playing with the belt loops on Jaejoong’s pants.
“I am pretty sure that is what he was doing...unless you have a different theory.” Jaejoong chuckled as the problems from that night in the hallway started to fade, only the happiness from what he had just found shining through.
Only then did Yunho pull Jaejoong down for a heated kiss, their tongues and lips intertwining and twirling, his hands running up and down Jaejoong’s lower back that had been pulled forward from the chair.
Pulling away, Jaejoong slid his lap ever closer towards Yunho’s hand, his crotch rubbing against the hard palm, the friction sending shockwaves through his body.
“So, what should we do to get revenge and prove to Changmin that we want him?” Jaejoong said seductively, his eyes pooling with lust as Yunho started unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down his fly.
“Play his game…let’s show him just how seductive we too can be.” Yunho chuckled as Jaejoong met his mouth once again.
“But first you have to show me how much you love me.”
Yunho groaned, “Oh I’ll show you alright!”
The plan was now in motion.
“Changmin, hey, time to wake up buddy!” a deep voice chuckled as his eyes blinked, crusty with last night’s tears. “Oh, there he is, all awake huh?”
“Awake was not the word I was searching for, but it will have to do.” Changmin grunted groggily as he sat upright in bed, his messy hair sticking out all over his head, framing his face in a ring of bright brown locks.
Yunho smiled as he looked upon his younger band-mate, and unknown to Changmin, his new lover, surprised by how cute he could be when waking up. Jaejoong had been right last night; Changmin sure was adorable when he woke up, no wonder Jae had wanted to go wake him up in the car.
“Well, you need to wake up, I was sent in here by Jaejoong…it is time for hair and make up, we let you stay asleep long enough.” Yunho said as Changmin looked at him in confusion, Yunho was never this perky in the morning.
“Did someone put cocaine in your coffee?” Changmin asked as Yunho moved over to Junsu’s sleeping body to wake him up also.
Yunho guffawed, “What, I can’t wake you up with a smile? I am in a good mood today, don’t ruin it.”
Changmin’s left eyebrow raised up, Yunho was being very weird and he knew he didn’t like it. 
Groaning, Changmin pulled himself into the vertical standing position and put one foot in front of the other until he reached the living room where the stylists were already to work on Yoochun and Jaejoong’s hair and makeup.
“Morning Changmin.” Yoochun yawned sleepily from his chair, the stylist shoving his head back into the position she needed it before he had moved. Changmin looked up and smiled half-heartedly,
“Morning Chun…” Changmin debated on whether or not to say anything to Jaejoong who was now staring at him through his reflection in the mirror in front of him. “Morning Jaejoong…” Changmin finished in a whisper, a stylist coming up behind him and pouring a pile of clothes into his awaiting arms.
As Changmin awaited an answer from Jaejoong, the stylist pushed Changmin forcefully behind a screen, yelling, “Change Changmin, and fast, we don’t have much time.”
Changmin nodded, “Yeah, yeah right I’ll get right on it.” He couldn’t get over the way Jaejoong was staring at him; it was like he was getting devoured by his eyes. 
Stepping behind the screen, Changmin changed quickly into the attire for the day’s proceedings consisting of a black and silver striped button up shirt, dark washed blue jeans, and a pair of silver Converse all tight, clinging to his every muscle and curve.
Coming out from behind the screen, Changmin was quickly shoved into the chair that had been vacated by Yoochun, his hair almost immediately getting fingers shoved into their silky depths.
Cautiously Changmin looked over to take a peak at Jaejoong, and regretted it immediately. The man was still staring at him, the black irises burning a trail all the way up and down his relaxed body in the chair.
“What?” Changmin spat, still highly convinced that Jaejoong must be mad at him from last night’s proceedings.
Jaejoong shook his head lightly, “Nothing, just….you look good.”
Changmin was taken aback by the comment, not expecting to hear compliments when he was awaiting insults.
“Oh, well thanks Jae.” Changmin said as Jaejoong smiled back, only his smile was more of a sexy smirk than anything else, and it started to turn Changmin on.
Changmin urged himself not to think that way about Jaejoong anymore, they had already worked it out yesterday that this wasn’t going to happen anymore, he had to let it go. But still, he couldn’t get the nagging feeling that something was wrong, out of his mind.
Changmin’s mind wandered as he sat in front of at least 20 cameras and bright neon lights, all filming him for the TV Show they were on. 
The host of the show, a young, 20-something girl, her hair in pigtails and her clothes too bright for the stage lights sat in her own little chair, her eyes aglow as Yunho talked about their upcoming tour.
Again, no one wanted to talk to him or get his opinion because they all knew he was the blunt, smart, honest one that could hurt feelings if he wasn’t watching his mouth.
He didn’t want to talk anyways; he was still angry and gloomy over the happenings of the night before, and the odd feelings that had been hanging in the air this morning. If he talked he wouldn’t be all that energetic anyways, so what was the point in listening? 
Looking out to the audience, Changmin’s eyes scanned the crowd; most of the people filling the seats either young girls in their tweens and teens or show staff, their glow in the dark posters of love swinging gleefully as they muffled their giggles with the sleeves of their red sweaters.
Hearing his name called, Changmin pulled himself out of his daze quickly enough to take in the question by the host.
“So Changmin, I hear you like food correct?” the pretty host asked, her fake smile apparent on her plastic face. Changmin smiled back, putting out the nervous hand over the mouth gesture for a few giggles and screams from the packed auditorium.
“Yes, yes I do love food.” Changmin smiled once again for good measure, he knew it could bring at least a few of the giggling girls down to their knees.
“What is your favorite food?” the host asked again, her annoyance with the audience of tweens showing as she aimed all her attention at him.
“Uhm, well, I don’t have a favorite, I really like all kinds of food, as long as it is dead.”
The host looked confused by his answer as he smiled cutely once again, nodding his head in compliance to the question.
“Well…uhm…we have a surprise for you guys,” the host continued as extras pulled a tablecloth on top of the table they had been sitting in front of and sat steaming bowls of stew in front of them. “I got information from your fans sitting in the crowd today that stew is one of your favorite foods, so we had our chef prepare some for you this morning.
Yunho smiled, “Thank you Hwe Boon and Egg for making this for us, it is really too much!”
‘Oh that’s what her name was…’ Changmin thought as he looked down at his bowl of brown liquid, the chunks of vegetables and beef floating happily to the top. The day was looking up.
Picking up the chopsticks sitting by his bowl, Changmin looked at Yunho cautiously to see if it was alright to eat. Yunho gave to go ahead with a nod of his head, and the five hungry men leaned over their bowls to dig into the warm broth.
The table cloth brushed against his thighs as Changmin covered his mouth while he chewed, a known practice he had taken up since his youth. As the food went down, the host asked no one in-particular how the food tasted, the reply being a few smiles and muffled “goods” and “amazing” strewn around the table.
“I am so glad you like it, you must all be hungry.” The host said with a smile and a quick, high-pitched laugh. 
Changmin smiled back at her through a mouth filled with stew as Jaejoong nodded vigorously beside him and replied,
“Yes we are all hungry; we don’t have time to eat sometimes with our busy schedule.”
“Well eat as much as you’d like, but may I ask a few questions while you do?” she asked, her fake smile back in place on her red lips.
“Oh yes, certainly.” Yunho said, he hadn’t been eating after a few bites, so his mouth was empty and his back rigid.
The host pulled out a cue card, and Changmin inwardly groaned, it was “fan question” time.
“Here are some questions from fans off our website.” Changmin inwardly rolled his eyes, these shows were too predictable. “The first question is this, ‘To the person sitting on your left, tell me what you think their best feature is.’”
All of the boys stopped eating, setting their chopsticks to the sides of their bowls reluctantly to answer the question. 
Each person went starting with Junsu, and it followed all the way down the line till it reached Jaejoong, whose hand grabbed Changmin’s thigh as he answered.
Startled by the hand, Changmin gasped slightly, the sound thankfully not reaching the mike pined to his pin striped shirt.
“I think Changmin’s best feature,” Jaejoong said and turned to smile oddly at Changmin. “Is his body…I mean, when he was younger he used to be pretty scrawny and everything, now he has been working out and the evidence really shows.”
Yunho nodded his agreement as his hand joined Jaejoong’s on Changmin’s other thigh underneath the tablecloth.
“He is quite the man now-a-days, any girl would be lucky to have him.” Jaejoong finished, his hand rubbing ever so slightly closer to Changmin’s crotch, making Changmin fidget in his seat.
“Thank you…I didn’t deserve all the praise.” Changmin said as the host and Jaejoong smiled at him while the camera’s and audience’s faces turned toward him for his answer to the foreboding question.
“Uhm, Yunho’s most attractive point…I think…is his small face. It is very well proportioned with his body, thus making him more attractive to the right side of your brain associated with feeling.” Changmin said, albeit a little too fast for the host to comprehend, as he felt sweat beading on his forehead under his well coifed bangs. 
“Well, that is nice, Yunho, how do you feel about what Changmin said?” the host asked as she crossed her legs impatiently and curled the cue cards up in her balled up fist.
“I have been told my face is my most attractive part of my body, but not in that context.” Yunho voice replied, his hand also moving closer to Changmin’s crotch under the long table.
Changmin was seeing double as two sets of fingers fell dangerously close to his crotch, rubbing in circles the dark skin underneath his jeans. More sweat threatened to fall down his face as the hands crawled ever so close to his crotch, and then backed away, almost teasing him to the point of insanity. 
Looking over to both Jaejoong and Yunho, they looked like nothing was bothering them, like their hands weren’t doing an erotic tango next to someone’s bits. Changmin took a deep breath as silently as he could, trying not to let the mike catch a slight groan leaving his lips as Jaejoong’s fingers brushed ever so lightly against the hard erection now leaving a tent in his jeans.
Changmin could have sworn he noticed the pull of a smirk of Jaejoong’s lips, but his train of thought was interrupted by the show’s ending music blasting loudly from the speakers in front of him. The hands were suddenly gone as the lights in the studio dimmed and the girls in the audience started to scream and flail as they were filing out of the auditorium studio.
Changmin was glad they hadn’t had the time to do their “We’re DBSK” chant, since he would have had to stand, and standing wasn’t an option right at the moment. He started to think about things, like his grandmother naked, since he needed to get rid of his stupid hard before he left the table. Thankfully he had some time to bring Changmin Jr. down, as the director of the show came to thank them all while they were still chair bound.
Once the director left, they were free to stand, and Changmin took his time peeling himself from underneath the curtaining tablecloth, noting thankfully as he stood, his erection had gone down quite considerably as to not be visible.
Breathing a sigh of relief he detached the microphone from his shirt, leading the long chord down his shirt to where it was attached to a box on the back of his pants.
“Here Min, let me help you with that.” Yunho chuckled as he noticed Changmin squirming around, the chord stuck in a part of his undershirt.
Bringing his hands to Changmin’s upper arms, Yunho lead Changmin’s hands to where the mike was stuck, helping him pull it out from underneath his undershirt. Once the chord was out, Yunho grabbed the box off of Changmin’s back belt loop, his hand brushing against his bottom ever so briefly. Wrapping the chord around the box, Changmin held his hand out for Yunho to place the mike into the open palm, but Yunho just took the mike saying he was going to put it away for him.
Shaking his head in complete confusion as to what had just gone on, Changmin walked slowly to the dressing room the other’s had already disappeared into. His head was whirling with confusion as to why Jaejoong and Yunho had touched him like that, and if they even had…he could have been making the whole thing up in his lonely mind.
Sighing loudly, Changmin opened the door to the changing room and passed a relaxed looking Jaejoong lounging on the couch, I-pod forced into his ears, on his way to grab his backpack from off the make-up counter.
Grabbing a book from inside his pack, Changmin took a gulp on a bottle of water he had picked up from the make-up table, and sat in a chair across the room a bit from Jaejoong’s couch ridden form. Pulling his knees up to his chest, Changmin lay the book down on his thighs, taking out the bookmark and shoving his face far in between the pages, letting his mind wander.
A half hour passed, and Changmin looked up from his book to find the spot on the couch, once occupied by Jaejoong, filled by Junsu messing around with his Nintendo DS almost violently. Staring over at Junsu, Changmin noticed Yoochun sleeping heavily in his make-up chair, his head dangling precariously off to the side.
Laughing slightly, Changmin whispered to Junsu, “I seriously don’t know how that man can sleep like that!”
Junsu shrugged, smiling as he paused his game. “I don’t care how he can do it, I only want to know how to do it too so that I may get some sleep once in a while.”
Changmin nodded, he too would love to be able to sleep through hurricanes and in neck sore inducing positions, but sadly that wasn’t what his body was built for.
“I am going to head to the bathroom Junsu, be back in a bit.”
Changmin said as Junsu only crooked his head in response as he had started up his game again, the beeping and booping sounds filling up the silent changing room.
Slipping silently through the door, Changmin walked briskly to the bathroom, his bladder full from the whole bottle of water he had drank while reading.
Looking at the sign to make sure he was walking into the right receptacle, Changmin pushed open the door to the bathroom, only to be hit with an interesting sound.
Someone was moaning, and it was coming from inside the last stall, the largest one that they usually saved for wheelchair bound persons. Confused, Changmin tip-toed to the stall, his palm reaching out to lightly push the swinging door open.
Changmin had been expecting to see someone hurt and lying on the floor, grabbing a part of their body in pain…only, that wasn’t what the future had in store for him.
The moaning had indeed come from a person, but that person was Jaejoong, who was at the moment, being snogged rather thoroughly by a very horny Yunho.
Changmin stared, afraid to move, as Jaejoong was shoved roughly up against the tiled bathroom wall, his black hair sitting in stark contrast against the white tile as Yunho grabbed his arse and pulled on his lips with a loud suction sound.
Jaejoong moaned through the harsh kiss, his hands running up Yunho’s back, pushing up his pressed shirt to rake his nails over his tanned skin.
“Oh god Yunho, Jesus!” Jaejoong groaned into the bathroom, his voice echoing slightly against the tiled walls and floor as his eyes opened and turned to face Changmin.
Changmin felt the bulge in his pants grow ever larger as Jaejoong kissed Yunho passionately once again, never taking his eyes away from Changmin’s. 
Yunho pulled open Jaejoong’s fly, his lover’s large erection springing free from under his jeans as he pulled and tugged on it.
“I want to feel you Yunho.” Jaejoong whispered, his eyes still connected with Changmin’s while he opened Yunho’s own fly freeing his weeping cock and pulling it into his hands.
Changmin pulled his eyes away from Jaejoong’s to glance at both of their pricks, red and swollen being rubbed by the other’s quick hands. Changmin watched as Jaejoong grabbed Yunho’s neck and shoved the man’s mouth onto his, eliciting a groan from the till then silent Yunho.
“Jaejoong…” Yunho groaned once again as Jaejoong grabbed the younger man’s cock for another hard pull, making his seed shoot out onto the tile wall next to Jaejoong’s side.
As Jaejoong himself started to come, Changmin pulled himself out of his trance and walked backwards to the exit, tripping once before he hit the door making the moans “more, Yunho” even louder than they should have been.
Outside of the bathroom, Changmin gasped in a deep breath, he couldn’t believe what he had just seen…it was like something out of a wet dream. Wait, who was he kidding, that WAS a wet dream, a wet dream come to life right in front of him. Changmin stole a glance down at his boxers, the hard on was gone, but had been replaced by a warm, sticky, stain. He had come in his boxers, and he hadn’t even done anything…he was going to be in so much trouble with their stylist, she had looked forever for this pair of pants to fit him.
“Oh well, I guess I can change when I get back to the room.” Changmin said to himself as he started to walk back to the changing room in a daze.
He still didn’t get what had just happened, Jaejoong had let him watch, had let his eyes feast upon them freaking in the bathroom…Jaejoong had seemed to get off in it…get off on being watched.
Changmin shook his head, no way, that was way too kinky to even imagine…although it did make for a nice memory.
He couldn’t believe how calm he was…but for some reason, all he did was walk into the changing room and ignore the nagging feeling of wrong doing out of his mind.
Who cared about wrong doing when they had a fantasy replaying through their head, Changmin sure didn’t.

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