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10 July 2008 @ 10:53 am
Innocence of Seduction (Chapter Eight)  
 Title: Innocence of Seduction
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeHoMin
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: NC-17: For language and sexual situations
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, SM Entertainment does...plagerism is not welcome. 
Length: Chapter 8/8

Changmin loves both Jaejoong and Yunho, but how will he ever get them to realise it? 

Author's Note: OMG...it is the end...and we have arrived so very quickly! Seven days guys, we all made it and holy melon balls, there is smut now appearing on the horizon.  Yes, smut, three-way, horny, messy, smut that is over 5,000 words long. I must admit, smut is definetly not my strong point, but you will all have to let me know how I did...so that maybe I will write more later on for Silken Story Box. XDDD It has really been cool posting this story here, and  I am extremely thankful to all who read and commented on it!  

That evening Changmin sat in his work room he shared with Junsu, his headphones on at full blast and his internet up and running. All day he had been trying to get the image of Jaejoong and Yunho making out in the bathroom out of his mind, with no avail. It was now permanently etched into his brain, and in all honesty, he didn’t want to erase it, only it still bothered him as to why Jaejoong hadn’t stopped him from looking in upon them.
Unless Jaejoong was the voyeuristic type, Changmin had a feeling he hadn’t just let him watch because he “accidentally” walked in…there had to have been a reason behind the lust filled looks and the heat induced moans.
Pulling off his headphones, Changmin stood up from his cushy computer chair, stretching his legs as he walked to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Glancing around the adjoined living room and kitchen, Changmin noted its empty state, the TV not on like it usually was, but just a black, blank screen facing away from the wide balcony windows.
Yoochun must have retreated to the recording studio, Junsu was back in the work room, but where were Jaejoong and Yunho? That was the second time today Changmin had realized they were missing, and the first time…well…he had discovered them snogging, and intensely going at it.
Changmin held the passion for wanting to go find them back, grabbing a banana from off of the counter and peeling back the yellow film violently.
God, the feelings were so confusing, he didn’t know which one was the correct one to follow, heck; they could all be the wrong one.
Shoving the fruit into his mouth, Changmin chewed harshly on the banana, the sweet smell of the pulp hitting his nose and filling his lungs. 
Changmin wondered if approaching Jaejoong and Yunho would serve his purpose correctly…or would it only make the confusion worse? The banana seemed to be sending his brain into hyper drive as he thought up al the reasons as to approach and not to approach his wanted lovers.
Finishing the banana, Changmin threw away the peel, his mind made up…he was going to approach them, and ask them what was going on. Nothing bad could come of asking, everyone asks someone to love them at some point in time. Only, Changmin’s couldn’t have come at a worse time.
“Come in.” Yunho’s voice said as it flowed through the thick wooden door at the end of the hall. Changmin nodded to himself and opened the door a crack, slipping his head in cautiously to look around the bedroom they all shared. Yunho and Jaejoong had left strait for the room after dinner that night, and so the other three knew not to bother them, at least for a while anyways. But Changmin had to get answers, and now was a better time than never.
“You can come all the way in Min; we aren’t going to hurt you.” Jaejoong chided, his head lying on the pillows of his own bed, as Yunho chuckled from his seat at the foot of his own mattress.
Changmin smiled nervously as he stepped into the room, his bare feet making no sound on the hard wood floor as he shut the door with a click behind him.
“What were you too doing?” Changmin asked, instantly regretting his childish question since what they were doing was quite obvious.
“We were only talking.” Yunho said softly as he rubbed his own knees with the palms of his hands. Changmin cleared his throat and asked,
“Can I ask a question…please?”
Yunho and Jaejoong looked at each other, and then back at Changmin standing nervously in the doorway. “You’re always free to ask us questions.” Yunho said and Jaejoong finished with a teasing smile,
“And don’t act so formal about it; I am not your grandma.”
Changmin blushed, “Sorry, I am just a little nervous about what I am about to ask.”
“Well then come sit here on the bed next to me, and get comfortable first.” Jaejoong said patting a place to sit next to his thigh on the bed.
Gathering his courage and reeling in his nervousness, Changmin walked over to the bed and sat down with a thump onto the squishy mattress, his hands staying put on his knees.
“So, what is the question?” Yunho asked, his face closer to Changmin’s than he first realized.
“Well, I was wondering…why you…” Changmin stuttered as he remembered the hot scene. “Why you didn’t stop me from staring at you today in the bathroom?”
Jaejoong and Yunho looked at Changmin, playfully puzzled looks breaking away on their faces.
“Changmin,” Jaejoong started. “Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we wanted you to see us together?”
Changmin began to answer, but stopped himself suddenly, his face contorted like a fish. “You mean….wait…you wanted me to watch you two go at it?” Changmin said as he pointed disbelievingly at his hyungs with two fingers.
“Changmin, Yunho wasn’t the only reason I was turned on.” Jaejoong said as he looked strait into Changmin’s eyes just like he had that morning, biting his lower lip. “When you walked in, you looked so very hot in your outfit…the pants…the stylist must have had to pour you into them they were so tight.”
Changmin blushed even harder at Jaejoong’s admittance, if that was at all possible; he was already as red as a lobster.
“Your shirt was half unbuttoned too, and it reminded me of our kiss a few days ago, with you naked and pressed against me…your skin was so very hot.”
Gulping down a thick glob of spit, Changmin sat there on the bed like stone as Jaejoong closed his eyes and moaned slightly at the memory of their steamy bathroom kiss.
“But wait…” Changmin started as he turned to face Yunho sitting directly across from him. “You weren’t looking at me today in the bathroom, how did you know I was there?”
Yunho chuckled, his voice deep and husky, “Jaejoong whispered to me in my ear that you were watching.”
Changmin laughed nervously, “You didn’t mind that I was there?”
Yunho lifted his glittery, lust-filled eyes up at Changmin, replying, “It was the thought of you standing there that made as hard as I was.”
Changmin nodded like he had known it all along admitting sarcastically, “Right, right, I made you hard.”
Changmin almost screamed as a hand on his back startled him, “Min, you made both Jaejoong and I hard…stop being so fucking prude and take the compliment.” Yunho chided, rubbing his hand up and down the younger man’s back in a massaging fashion.
Changmin looked up over his lashes, his face turning back and fourth between the two men now sitting very close on either side of his body, Yunho’s hand on his back, and Jaejoong’s eyes blazing a trail into his mind.
“Well, thank you…I guess…I am happy to know that I helped somewhat in getting you to reach a sexual high.” Changmin said, his voice wavering and masked with uncertainty as he looked back down at the shiny wood floor.
Jaejoong rolled his eyes, him and Yunho nodding to each other behind Changmin’s back; it was time to put something more physical into the mix.
Grabbing Changmin’s waist, Yunho pulled the younger man down between his legs, Changmin’s back leaning against Yunho’s hard front as Jaejoong leapt off his own bed, sitting down so his legs wrapped around Yunho’s and Changmin’s, his face an inch away from Min’s.
Changmin didn’t even have time to protest as this happened too quickly, the room becoming a blur as Yunho lifted and moved him with ease.
“Guys, what are you doing?”
 Jaejoong smiled wickedly in front of Changmin, his eyes glittering with mischief and a good helping of lust. “Getting what we have wanted for a long time.” He whispered and immediately captured Changmin’s lips in a passionate, wet kiss.
Yunho eyed the couple hungrily as their lips intertwined, Jaejoong’s hands grabbing Changmin’s head and pulling him in for an even deeper kiss, their tongues reaching out and rubbing against each other.
Not wanting to be left out, Yunho pressed his hot, pink lips onto the back of Changmin’s neck, sucking lightly on the tan skin near his hair line as he inhaled the scent of Changmin’s shampoo and sweat. Running his hands down Changmin’s sides, Yunho moved his palms around the man’s hips, pushing them past the hem of his t-shirt making contact with the hot skin of Changmin’s flat stomach. Yunho continued his exploration of Changmin’s torso, as Jaejoong, still immersed in the kiss, rubbed his erection through his pants with a heavy palm.
Changmin pulled away from the kiss for only a second to catch his breath, but a hand pulled him roughly back down for more. Jaejoong’s tongue shoved itself far into his mouth, his own muscle roving up to meet it, as his nipples were roughly twisted by Yunho’s diligent fingers from behind. Changmin felt his shirt being shoved under his armpits, Yunho’s hands leaving his nipples to play with his bellybutton and pant’s zip while his mouth laved at his earlobe.
Changmin felt Jaejoong pull his lips off of his, his eyes opening to watch as Jaejoong slid open his fly, shoving his hand deep into his boxers to curl around a straining erection leaving a tent in the cotton.
Yunho’s hands finally managed to open Changmin’s own pants, his hot fingers tracing an imaginary line over the start of his pubic hair, never parting from the teasing to go any lower. Changmin sighed as he watched Jaejoong cup and rub himself, the balled fist pushing Jaejoong’s boxer fronts up and down as Yunho’s hands traveled back up his chest, caressing the six pack and slight pecks.
“Jaejoong…” Yunho whispered hotly into Changmin’s hair as he too watched Jaejoong pleasure himself. Jaejoong smiled sexily and pulled his hand out of his boxers, white, sticky pre-cum covering his hand. Changmin’s eyes grew wide with lust as Jaejoong brought the hand up to his mouth, tasting himself while he stared lustfully at Changmin’s half-lidded face.
“Min, have I ever told you how hot Yunho and you look together?”
Changmin shook his head, the movement feeling awkward and silly as Jaejoong climbed into Changmin’s lap, their erections brushing together slightly.
Changmin groaned at the contact, making Jaejoong rub his hips forward again, the friction sending pleasure waves through both men.
The movements continued as Yunho also joined, rubbing his jean clad cock up and down against Changmin’s still covered back side. All three men were heard panting and grunting as they humped in unison on the bed, their hands fondling and groping each other’s still clothing clad bodies as they tried to get the friction needed between them.
Yunho’s lips once again sunk themselves down to Changmin’s neck and shoulder, sucking lightly as Jaejoong moved forward and pressed his wet lips to Changmin’s swollen ones.
Pulling away just enough, Jaejoong looked down into Changmin’s face, the younger man’s eyes closing in ecstasy and his mouth letting out a moan as he neared release.
“God Min, you are so sexy when you do that.” Jaejoong whispered, placing his hand over one of Yunho’s that was lying on Changmin’s hip, helping rock them back and fourth up against his erection.
“Oh god…I’m going….” Changmin grunted while Jaejoong rubbed his free hand along the hard planes of his chest and tweaked his nipples showing through the shirt fabric.
Gasping for breath, Changmin came, the hot spunk pouring into his boxers and wetting the front of his jeans. 
Jaejoong watched as Yunho also came, the older man’s cock coming in hot spurts as he rubbed it sporadically up and down Changmin’s still clothed crack. Yunho gasped for breath as his orgasm waned and started to fade, his eyes opening to see Jaejoong still rubbing himself on Changmin’s front, not having come yet.
“Changmin, touch Jaejoong for me.” Yunho whispered hotly into Changmin’s ear, his tongue snaking out to run over the soft cartilage. “Rub him raw, he likes it!” he growled, taking Changmin’s hand in his and shoving it down Jaejoong’s pants, wrapping it around his hard erection.
Changmin looked up towards Jaejoong’s face, his brown eyes meeting his older lover’s sparkling black orbs, and started running his hand up and down the velvet length.
Groans erupted from Jaejoong’s mouth as he came closer and closer to satisfaction by the insistent rubbing and pulling of Changmin’s warm fist.
“God, don’t stop…don’t stop!” He whimpered as he came, some cum landing on his shirt covered chest, his hips thrusting into Changmin’s hand.
As the sensations faded, Jaejoong smiled at his two lovers, their clothing wrinkled, wet and even torn in spots from their passionate romp.
“Wow.” Changmin gasped as Yunho still hugged him from behind and Jaejoong still sat lightly on his lap.
“That about sums it up.” Jaejoong agreed, Yunho chuckling softly into Changmin’s ear making the youngest man shiver as the husky voice left goose bumps in its wake.
“So, I guess this means…” Changmin stuttered, feeling a little embarrassed by his disheveled state and the two men’s hands rubbing random parts of his body.
“That we are a couple?” Yunho finished for Changmin, sliding the younger man off his lap and sitting in front of him with Jaejoong, his knowing eyes connecting with Changmin’s. “Well yeah, that was the whole point. We wanted to show you we loved you.”
Jaejoong nodded, “Yeah, and look, it seems to have worked!” he said as he waved his hands about wildly, trying to emphasize the point.
Smiling wider than he ever had before, Changmin pulled himself closer to the two men in front of him on the bed, leaning in and kissing each on the lips passionately before pulling back with a sly smirk.
“Thank you…for everything you did…it was….” Changmin giggled slightly, “A very unforgettable experience to say the least.”
Yunho laughed, “Yeah, not something we want to repeat to the kids.”
Changmin’s eyes went wide. “What kids? When did you have kids?”
Jaejoong’s white teeth showed for a brief moment as his hand covered his mouth while a laugh broke out, “We meant Yoochun and Junsu…Yunho and I call them the kids!”
Changmin looked between his two lovers, confusion written all over his face, “What the hell are you talking about?” he asked, a hand coming up to pull his bangs away from his sweaty forehead.
Yunho gasped in fake surprise, “You have never read YunJae fics have you?” he asked and Changmin shook his head, raising an eyebrow curiously.
“No, should I have?”
Jaejoong threw a hurt look at Changmin, “I would have thought you masturbated to them…” he whispered. “That would be hot!”
Changmin’s eyes bulged, “What!” he laughed nervously. “No I didn’t masturbate to fan fiction…wait…what were we talking about again?”
“Oh right!” Jaejoong said a little to loudly while flinging his legs onto Yunho’s lap. “Well, in YunJae fan clubs and stuff…the fans call us the mom and dad, and then Yoochun, Junsu and you are the kids…but we never thought of you as a kid.”
Yunho nodded as he ran his hand up and down Jaejoong’s thighs, “Yeah, we have never thought of you as a kid, which always confused us.”
Changmin stood from the bed, hands on his hips as he stretched his kinked legs. “It confused you…you mean the feelings for me confused you?”
Yunho and Jaejoong nodded, both in unison. “Yeah, we both admit now to having felt strong feelings for you, a lot stronger than the emotions we would feel towards Su and Chun.” Yunho continued, “But don’t get us wrong, it is not that we don’t love them or anything, cause really I do, we all do…I just feel a stronger love connection to you and Jaejoong.”
Jaejoong smiled lovingly at Yunho as he spoke, and Changmin finally understood completely the true scope of confusion and emotion that must have happened in the past few days.
Changmin smiled sadly, “I seriously thought you two didn’t love me at all…at least not in the way you two love each other.” Changmin closed his eyes as he spoke the next sentence. “You guys don’t just want me around because I am physically attractive right?”
Jaejoong looked up at Changmin, startled by the crazy line, “What like a sex toy? No Changmin, never, why would we do such a thing?”
Embarrassed, Changmin turned away from the two on the bed, his face flushing a deep crimson. “Sorry, I should have known better, that was a stupid question to ask.”
Running his hands over his face, Changmin didn’t notice Jaejoong and Yunho standing up to wrap their younger lover in a large hug.
“It was alright to think that way, it is totally forgivable.” Yunho whispered once again into his ear, and again the shivers ran down Changmin’s spine.
Grabbing the sides of Changmin’s face, Yunho kissed him, his lips not parting but just rubbing against Changmin’s softly, somehow describing his emotions without words.
Jaejoong kissed the back of Changmin’s neck above his shirt neckline, leaving his lips there to breathe tenderly on the soft, tan skin. “We love you Changmin, you can’t bail on us now…”
Changmin giggled again as Jaejoong’s lips tickled the sensitive hairs on the back of his neck, “Why would I bail? I know you mean what you say…and well…” Changmin blushed redder, “I have wanted this for a long time…at first I thought I was having a wet dream.”
Yunho smiled while barking out a slight laugh, “Wet dream huh? Nice to know I was a star of such an important scene.”
“But I was the star I bet!” Jaejoong said sarcastically as he parted from their embrace to stand on the bed behind him, bouncing slightly on the springy mattress.
“I bet you were you narcissistic monkey.” Yunho scoffed, throwing a pillow at his face over Changmin’s tall frame. Changmin laughed as the pillow missed and Jaejoong did a little dance on the bed, hopping off to land next to him on the floor.
“So, what would you say Min, to having one of those dreams come to life?” Jaejoong asked, his voice dropping two octaves becoming horribly sexy as he inched closer and closer to Changmin’s side.
Changmin reached out a hand to hold Jaejoong back from touching him, a sly smirk planted back on his face. “You and Yunho…on the bed, naked and kissing, you’re both totally hard…but you know you can’t come until I get here.”
Jaejoong’s breaths came out in shallow bursts now, and his groin felt like it was on fire from all the desire pulsing through his veins. Smiling seductively, Jaejoong crooked his finger at Yunho who had already taken off his shirt, both of them grabbing a hold of each other and falling down on the bed.
Changmin watched as they removed all of their clothes bit by bit, the scraps of cloth falling innocently to the floor as the two men’s lips met in a passionate, open mouthed kiss. Their lips roamed over each other’s, their breathing ragged and short as they lay naked facing each other, lips upon lips the only contact between them.  Opening their eyes, both men stared at each other as they ravaged the other one’s mouth, making Changmin groan in passion filled agony as his hard on became even harder…if that was humanly possible.
Soon they pulled apart, needing air, and a string of saliva lingered between their mouths as they backed away from each other, popping at its breaking point right after.
Yunho looked up at Changmin from the bed, his lips red and swollen and shiny with spit,
“I need you Min, touch me please.”
Jaejoong looked up also, his face filled with lust, “Please, don’t make us wait any longer.” He begged, and Changmin inched towards the bed, slowly sliding off his shirt and pants, the belt buckle making a tinkling noise against the wood floor.
Aside from Jaejoong, Yunho had never seen Changmin nude, and seeing him made him all the more hard.
“Jesus Changmin, your fucking ripped.” Yunho sighed as he eyed the man hungrily.
Changmin sat down on his haunches on the bed in front of his two lust filled lovers, smiling sexily.
“Do I make you all hot and bothered?” Changmin asked jokingly as he started to finger the tip of his red cock, the pre-cum sliding in-between his fingers.
Yunho sat up then, and grabbed Changmin towards him into an open mouth kiss, Jaejoong watching in amazement. “I never thought I would ever want anyone as much as Jaejoong, but you have proven me wrong.” Yunho kissed him once again, ripping the breath out of Changmin. “I want to fuck you.”
Changmin chuckled huskily, “All night long.”
Jaejoong, now having had his fill of only watching, asked slowly and innocently, “Can I join too?”
Changmin smiled and leaned in close to Jaejoong’s ear, whispering, “On your hands and knees.”
Wide eyes looked curiously up at Changmin, that line proved he was for sure no longer the innocent boy they had known. 
Getting into position, Jaejoong aimed his ass far into the air, the tan globes gleaming in the fluorescent light of the bedroom. Yunho and Changmin eyed the round bottom until Jaejoong shook it, making his balls jiggle slightly bringing the two out of their trance.
“Had your fill yet?” Jaejoong asked, seemingly full of himself as he began to roll his hips playfully, “Lube’s in the top drawer.”
Changmin continued to gawk at the beautiful backside of his older lover when he felt a cool tube slide in between his fingers, a warm hand pressing him towards Jaejoong’s side of the bed.
Changmin turned, “But Yunho…I thought…” Changmin stuttered as he fingered the tube of gel. Yunho, coming up behind Changmin, ran his dick through his crack, already slickened with lube.
“Mmm, tonight we try something a little different. I can’t wait to be inside you!” Yunho exclaimed as he continued to thrust his hard penis up and down Changmin’s crack, making the young man moan as he uncapped the lube and spread it on himself liberally.
“God, you two are so hot together.” Jaejoong groaned from his position on the bed, his hand pumping up and down his angry red cock.
Yunho grinned at Jaejoong’s reaction and moved him and Changmin behind their masturbating lover. “You know what to do right?” Yunho asked and Changmin nodded in response as he ran the extra lube on his hand over Jaejoong’s tight pink pucker.
“Changmin…” Jaejoong groaned, “I don’t need prep, just fuck me before I explode!”
Nodding once again, Changmin aligned his cock with Jaejoong’s anus and pushed slowly inside, the walls constricting tightly against his member.
Moaning, Jaejoong tried to relax as Changmin pushed ever so slowly into his warm cavern. Climbing up behind Changmin, Yunho ran a lube slicked hand over the young man’s pucker, shoving a finger inside quickly and rubbing it around, surprising Changmin who let out a strangled gasp.
“Oh my god!” Changmin shouted as he was fully enveloped by Jaejoong’s backside, and Yunho shoved another full finger into his own entrance. Still immersed in the sensation of a finger up his entrance and his cock in Jaejoong’s ass, Changmin stayed completely still and didn’t realize Yunho had pulled his fingers out and started shoving his hard prick in instead.
“Ah, oh my!” Changmin gasped as the head broke through his tight inner walls, and Yunho replied, “Just relax Min, and it will go much easier.”
Straining to relax his anal muscles, Yunho finally breached and broke through, falling completely to the hilt in Changmin’s insides.
“Your so tight Min, you feel amazing!” Yunho whispered as he pulled out slightly and pushed back in, in turn making Changmin pull in and out of Jaejoong. Jaejoong moaned as he was fucked by Min’s cock, his hand moving faster on his own raging red dick.
Yunho growled ferrally as he rammed himself into Changmin’s entrance, watching his cock getting sucked in and out of his tight passage.
Changmin moaned as he was both the fucked and the fuckee, mashed happily between his two lovers, drenched in sweat and cum. They all moved in unison, up and down and side to side, their bodies mingling and enveloping each other as they moved.
Yunho grunted with each thrust, Jaejoong moaned with each pump of Changmin’s hips, and Changmin panted as they thrusted and gyrated, making the bed move.
“Cum for me Changmin, scream my name!” Yunho snarled into Changmin’s shoulder as he pumped hard into the tan bottom.
“Yunho, oh god Yunho!” Changmin shouted as he came hard into Jaejoong.
Hearing Changmin shout, Yunho exploded also, his hot cum painting Changmin’s inner walls with warm seed. Jaejoong was again the last to cum, Changmin pumping him, riding out his own orgasm.
“Jae, you look so fucking sexy riding my cock!” Changmin said as Jaejoong pumped himself into Changmin’s lap, his eyes squinting and his hand running fast over his member as he spurt white hot cum over the sheets of the mattress.
Riding the aftershocks of their multiple orgasms, all three fell on top of one another, their pants reverberating off the walls of the small bedroom.
Rolling to the side, Yunho pulled his now flaccid member out of Changmin’s hole, Changmin soon following the same routine, pulling out of Jaejoong and falling down beside him.
“That was fucking amazing!” Jaejoong panted as he looked over at his two sated lovers, his stomach covered in sticky cum. “Changmin, I never knew you could talk dirty like that…it was incredibly hot, it made my cock jump.”
Changmin laughed, “Well you did look amazing, no wonder Yunho does you practically every night.”
Yunho lifted his torso up on his elbows, “He does have quite the ass…but you’re going to have to share once in a while.” He said, pointing with his finger to Changmin’s chest.
Changmin smirked and wiggled his eyebrows, “I can deal with that, as long as I get to watch.”
It was then Yunho’s time to smirk, “You can do more than watch.”
Changmin and Jaejoong both raised their eyebrows, Changmin responding, “Oh, I quite like the sound of that.”
“I knew you would.” Yunho said, “You horndog.”
Changmin guffawed, “Hey, you were the one shouting, ‘Say my name Changmin, oh god!’”
A pillow hit him in the face as he finished, making Changmin put on a pouty face, its powers not exactly working against his hyungs.
Jaejoong rolled his eyes at his two lovers, “So childish, but I love them.” Jaejoong said to no one in particular as a pillow then hit him hard in the face, making his nose crinkle.
Yunho laughed as Jaejoong glared at him, the pillow hanging limp in his hands. “Sorry Jae-Bear.” Yunho said as he lay across Changmin’s torso, his head and elbows next to Jaejoong’s thighs.
“Don’t call me Jae-Bear…it’s so…gay.”
Changmin rolled his eyes, “Uhm...wouldn’t us having butt sex amount to us being gay?” he asked sarcastically.
“Jaejoong doesn’t like to say he is gay though…” Yunho said with an annoyed groan.
Jaejoong crossed his arms over his chest, “You know what, I don’t want people to know because I am girly enough with my face and everything…” Changmin took his hand and ran it through Jaejoong’s soft black hair, tufting the ends.
“But you are gay.” Changmin sung in a baby voice, “It is okay to be gay, because I love you anyway!”
Jaejoong smacked Changmin lightly on the arm, the snap echoing through the room.
“Let’s not break into show-tunes please.” Jaejoong groaned as he smiled at Changmin’s innocence, even sitting in the bed naked and slightly aroused.
Yunho chuckled and stood, his naked body shimmering slightly with a sheen of sweat as he grabbed a pair of boxers off the floor.
“I am going to go take a shower; I hope you too have fun while I am gone.”
Jaejoong grinned evilly and pulled Changmin down close to his face while Yunho watched. “Oh we will, I promise.” He said and kissed Changmin passionately as Yunho decided to take a shower before he got too over aroused.
Just before he opened the door, Yunho was grabbed by a set of hands that pulled his face down and one set of lips after the other kissed him passionately in front of the white wall.
“Have a good shower.” He heard Jaejoong whisper in his ear as Changmin gave his butt a good smack and said,
“We love you.”
“Love you both too.” Yunho replied as he snuck quietly out the door.

Thanks for reading, comments appreciated!

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haru_no_keekiharu_no_keeki on July 10th, 2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
whuhaaaa...HOT! sooooo steaming HOT!

and over already T__T how should I spend my nights now??? XDDD

aahh..very very awsome ..I totally loved it!!!<3

*sings quietly* It´s okay to be gay ~~~*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 11th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
I guess HOT is the word to describe it eh? LOL! I was asked to keep the story going by writing a one-shot sequal...but I don't know what I would write it about aside from smut. LOL! Though, I think that wouldn't be a problem would it?

Thanks so much for joining and reading!
yumeneyumene on July 10th, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
OHH what an amazing ending!!!! WOW!

It´s a pitty that´s the end.....awwww and...I agree with Jae..Junho, don´t call him bearXDDD hahaha

Iam so envious of CHangmin.....no! what am I saying?? I envy the 3 of them!!!!! GOd!

Well that was a very nice smutt scene...... write more in the future!!!please!! here is a vote!! ahaha

*scroll up to read it again*~~~~~
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 11th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
YAY, I am so glad you liked it! *claps*

Who wouldn't be envious of Changmin, mashed in-between two hot men...oh damn....*fans self*

Thanks, I worked hard on that smut...three people are a lot of limbs. ROFL!
airlanairlan on November 2nd, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
so awesome! sorry i didn't comment earlier, was too busy rereading this >w
criminalscreamcriminalscream on December 16th, 2008 09:45 am (UTC)
It's the only thing I can say xD
Sevchu: 정윤호: stopping hearts on a globaldreaminthepast on August 16th, 2009 04:55 am (UTC)
God I love JaeHoMin.

Nicely done. I definitely enjoyed the story, enjoyed how they finally came together; YunJae pulling Changmin into their love.

Very hot.

jacenijaceni on February 18th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
I'm surprised that I liked this. :) Usually I don't like Yunjae, but you definately made it work. I think it was because there was equal parts of love for the three that I found it okay. :D Jaemin is my OTP, that's why I'm saying this. I'm glad I read this and hope you can do another long and complete fic again. :D
miri_uchihamiri_uchiha on December 17th, 2011 09:43 pm (UTC)
This was hot . . . =Q...
I wanted more MinJae.
Lol, great job on the story!