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11 July 2008 @ 04:56 pm
Dressed For Success (Changmin drabble)  
Title: Dressed For Success
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: PG
Length: 1/1 (drabble)
Genre: Humor/Comedy
Disclaimer: SM owns the boys.

Summary: Everyone remember the outfit  Changmin wore in Shanghai...that red get-up, that was really really low cut. Well I wrote a funny story about it....cause I was bored and felt like it at the time.

“Oh come on Changmin, please let me dress you!” Jaejoong pleaded from the said man’s bed, his feet and arms flailing like a child high on sugar. Changmin whirled around to face his band-mate from inside the large walk in closet, a scowl plastered on his usually happy face.
“No Jaejoong, for the last time, no!” Ducking back into the closet, Changmin missed experiencing the sad pout Jaejoong threw at his retreating figure.
“Well can you at least tell me why not?”
Walking back into the room, a fist curled around a balled up t-shirt, Changmin replied,
“Cause the last time I let you dress me, I ended up looking like a stripper from a gay bar!”
Jaejoong rolled his eyes and scoffed, “You did not, I dressed you very tastefully!”
“I had people trying to shove dollar bills down my pants!” Changmin shouted while pulling the t-shirt he had grabbed over his head and onto his naked torso.
Sighing, Jaejoong chirped, “Okay well maybe rhinestone studded leather wasn’t the way to go the last time, but this time I will make you look awesome!”
Changmin’s eyes went wide, “Seriously Jaejoong I can dress myself, so please, if you want to dress someone, go find Yunho.”
“But I want to dress you Min!” Jae whined, his voice going high and squeaky as he walked up next to Changmin’s side as the taller man buttoned on a pair of jeans over the boxers he was wearing. “All you ever choose to wear from the clothes we are brought are t-shirts, dress jackets, and a pair of slacks. Your wardrobe is so very boring for these kinds of events; I just want to spice it up a bit. Show off the new Changmin that is hiding underneath all the layers….”
Changmin stood still for a moment thinking, as Jaejoong wrapped an arm around the taller man’s waist. “Please Changmin, let me dress you and if you don’t like it you can wear a crappy ensemble of your liking.” He whispered in Changmin’s ear, making Changmin shiver slightly from the warmth as he pulled away from the embrace.
“Alright, fine, you can dress me.” Changmin said making Jaejoong laugh and run into the closet, his eyes glittering evily. “But nothing leather and/or spandex, I don’t care how many Heero/Duo fantasies you have had.”
There was no reply and Changmin sat down lightly on the bed to wait while the sound of rummaging echoed through the small room.
“Alright,” Jaejoong shouted from inside the closet, “I think this is it…your gonna look so fucking awesome.”
Coming out from the closet, Jaejoong dropped a few articles of clothing onto the bed Changmin occupied, looking quite happy with himself.
“Well,” He asked, “Aren’t you going to put it on?”
Climbing into the van, Changmin heard a round of cat calls and whistles as he made it to his seat next to Junsu in the back.
“Holy shit Changmin!” Was all Yoochun said as Jaejoong also climbed into the van and sat next to Yunho.
Junsu shook his head, “Can you feel a draft?” he joked, Yoochun giving him a high five from behind him.
“Oh come on guys.” Yunho chided from the front seat, “He looks good, and you’re just jealous that you wouldn’t look like that at all in the same outfit.”
Sighing, Changmin sank low into his seat; he knew he should have never let Jaejoong dress him. “See, look what you did Jae!”
“WHAT! I didn’t do anything, all I did was pick out the outfit, you didn’t have to wear it!” Jaejoong shouted back, his face alight with laughter, but voice sounding serious.
“We didn’t have enough time for me to change because you took forever in the closet.” Changmin pouted as he folded his arms in front of his exposed chest. The outfit Jaejoong had asked him to wear had been a pair of black slacks, white/blue over-coat, and a red shirt that was quite low cut, showing off a bit of his pecks and abs. Over all Changmin liked the outfit, he would never admit it. But he had never been the one who liked to show a lot of skin. He felt his face start to blush and he sunk even lower into the back seat, his shirt riding ever deeper down his chest. Pulling his over-coat tight around his torso, Changmin watched as the long cut of skin was covered.
“Come on Changmin don’t be bashful, you look great!” Yunho said from the front seat, his face looking sincere. “You should be proud of that body you have, so show it off!”
Changmin smiled, laughing quietly as he unwrapped his arms from around his upper body, letting the jacket and shirt fall open once again.
Jaejoong turned to Changmin, his face soft, “Yunho is right, you look great, all the girls are going to eat it up too! I mean, they are going to get to see your chest; it is like free porn to them.”
Changmin sighed, “Great, it’s just what I wanted Santa, how did you know!”
“Changmin,” Jaejoong sighed as they pulled into a parking space.
“Get out of the car.”

Comments are appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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Stephanie Nguyenbunni102 on July 12th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
lol so funny i just love the fics you write!
I just love it ! love it love it!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 12th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, thanks! I am very happy you liked it!
haru_no_keeki: minho cataharu_no_keeki on August 3rd, 2008 09:29 am (UTC)
*tries to remember the outfit* ...I´m sure i didn´t miss it ..o.O

"I don’t care how many Heero/Duo fantasies you have had. " LOL XD that made me crack up XDDDDDDDD great

lovely fic!