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08 July 2008 @ 10:40 pm
Mercy (Jaejoong x Changmin)  
Title: Mercy 
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: R
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: One - Shot (2,429 words)
Disclaimer: Do not own the boys.

Summary: The beat pounded through Changmin’s fingers as he sat quietly sipping ice water in a darkened corner of the club.

The beat pounded through Changmin’s fingers as he sat quietly sipping ice water in a darkened corner of the club.
He hated these parties, they were so over-rated and continuously boring, and he always forgot why he even bothered to come in the first place.
Parties had never been his thing, he wasn’t a drinker, nor was he a big dancer aside from when he was up on stage. Even when he was performing, he had to have a set pace and direction, he could never just “wing it” or he ended up looking like a chicken on acid.
Changmin could feel his thighs sweating through his tight jeans as they lay on the purple leather seats of the club’s sitting booth. The leather had been stuffed excessively and so instead of being a comfortable seat, it was more like a rounded rock for his poor hurting rear.
His eyes roved over the busy dance floor, women and men mingling and dancing, all the while balancing a variety of mixed cocktails in between their fingertips.
Changmin watched as a young girl, probably around his age, gyrating against a man she probably didn’t know, but was too drunk to care. Was that type of dancing supposed to be a turn on?
In actuality it looked more like the long lost mating rituals of the Obomo monkey, not something that would be sexually appeasing to a person of any gender.
Once again the beat was turned up another notch, and Changmin could swear he heard a car alarm ignite outside the large iron double doors of the club.
“Hey Min!”
Changmin looked up in time to see Yoochun, shirt half-buttoned and beaded with sweat, take a swig from his glass of water. “Aren’t you going to dance?”
“Dance?” Changmin asked, “Oh you mean join that large orgy over there?”
Yoochun rolled his eyes, “Oh come on Changmin, I was only offering!”
Changmin crossed his arms over his chest, his Aerosmith t-shirt clinging tight to his torso as Yoochun slammed his cup down and once again joined the sweaty throng.
Wriggling in his seat once again, Changmin pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket, it was almost 1am. Sliding his phone back into his jeans, and grabbing his jacket, Changmin quickly strode out of the club, leaving a large tip for the bartender in the grimy jar beside the bar.
The cold air hit him hard as he left the club, the base from the speakers inside still shaking the pavement as the iron doors slammed shut. Changmin shivered as he pulled his black jean jacket over his bare arms. No matter how warm it was inside the club, February would not let winter leave without a fight.
Wrapping his arms around his torso and sticking a sick mask on his face, Changmin started the short stroll down the street to the hotel they were staying in for the time being.
His eyes darted everywhere as he walked along the busy street, never knew who could notice you now-a-days, now that DBSK was an Asian phenomenon.
Pulling his arms even closer around his middle, Changmin proceeded to enter the hotel lobby and elevator completely alone. Breathing a sigh of relief, Changmin pulled off the mask, watching his reflection in the mirrored walls of the little escalating box.
The ding was heard for his floor and dragging his feet down the soft carpeting, Changmin slid his key card into the lock and walked slowly into the darkened hotel room.
Peeling off his jacket and sliding off his shoes, Changmin flicked on the kitchen light, grabbing a soda from the fridge and walking back to the hallway that lead to their room.
Yawning, Changmin flipped on the light switch,
A voice asked, making Changmin yelp and throw up his arms, striking a kung-fu pose, the soda can aimed for fire.
“Whoa, calm down there Bruce Lee, it’s only me!”
Changmin blinked once before he completely recognized who was actually sitting on the far bed, legs crossed and chest bare.
“Jaejoong?” Changmin asked, his hands coming down from their attack position, “What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you were at the club.”
Jaejoong shrugged, “Well I was, but I got bored.” He took a swig out of a can, setting it down harshly on a side table.
“Whatcha drinking?” Changmin questioned, setting down his jacket on the bed chosen as his.
“Beer.” Jaejoong smirked, burping slightly, “Good for the soul.”
Changmin chuckled as he sat down on his bed next to Jaejoong’s, “Yeah I bet. Great for the liver too.”
Jaejoong also chuckled, his brown/black hair curling softly in towards his face as he scribbled a note down in a small notebook. Changmin watched entranced as Jaejoong’s hand flew gracefully over the paper, his multiple rings glimmering in the low light the lamps provided.
“So Changmin…” Jaejoong implied, closing his notebook gracefully, “Why did you leave the party?”
Changmin snorted, “I always leave parties.”
Jaejoong smirked, “But for the same reasons as the last one?”
Smiling, Changmin took a swig of his soda, the sparkling liquid fizzing down his throat, “There comes a point in a guy’s day where he reaches his limits in the exchange of bodily fluids.”
Jaejoong only nodded. “Sounds like a palpable reason to me.”
Changmin and Jaejoong sat silent for a moment, Jaejoong’s fingers once again flying over the paper, pen in hand, while Changmin intently watched from his hip side.
“What are you writing about?” Changmin asked, flipping his bangs out of his brown almond orbs.
Jaejoong looked up, quickly shutting his notebook, “None of your business.” Jaejoong’s pen pointed into Changmin’s face, his intensity was well pronounced.
“Uh huh.” he grunted, pushing the writing utensil out of his facial range. He watched silently once again as Jaejoong threw the notebook into a backpack, grabbing a carton of cigarettes from the front pocket and a lighter out off the bed nightstand.
The cigarette glowed a bright and vibrant red as the embers and sweet smelling tobacco burst into a slow fire, the smoke curling around Jaejoong’s mouth and nose.
“Thought you said you were going to quit.” Changmin quipped, plopping himself down next to his older band-mate.
Jaejoong huffed, “After this one.”
A chuckle rumbled across the bed, “You said that the last time you had a cigarette.”
Jaejoong was silent, until, “Opps.”
Changmin laughed once again, “What do you mean, ‘opps’?”
“Opps I mean as in…like…opps I am smoking another cigarette when I really shouldn’t be.” Smoke swirled in the air around the two boys, the pungent odor piercing their lungs, “I know they are killing me, and will probably destroy my singing voice.” Jaejoong took a long puff, “But fuck if they are not just what I need right now.”
Changmin smiled slightly, the smoke was starting to burn his eyes. “Can I try?”
Jaejoong smirked, his eyes open in surprise and an eyebrow rose in suspicion, “Innocent Min wants to take ride on the bad side, eh?”
Changmin rolled his eyes, “Not exactly, I just…I have always been dedicatedly curious as to how these actually are.”
Jaejoong seemed to want to refuse, but slowly his hand passed the smoking stick over to Min’s side.
A sigh, “Fine, here you go…give it a whirl.”
Changmin’s eyes went big as the now burning stick was put into the slot between his middle fingers. “Okay, so I just suck the smoke in?”
Jaejoong nodded, “That is usually what transpires.”
Nodding in return, Changmin brought the small white tube up to his ruby red lips, the flavor of the smoke drifting slowly over his taste buds before he even applied pressure to the brown core. Sucking in, Changmin inhaled a large plume of smoke, the burn leaving quite the sting at the back of his esophagus.
Coughing, Changmin handed back the cigarette, his hand waving frantically in front of his face as the smoke seemed to choke and suffocate him.
“Holy crap that shit tastes like ass.” He scoffed, running his hand over his drooling mouth.
“Have you ever tasted ass?” Jaejoong asked, laughing quietly as his band-mate suffered.
“Not in the technical sense.” He replied, his coughing giving way to a runny nose.
Jaejoong stared at his friend, the once cherubic face now red from coughing and rid of all previous baby fat. Hot damn but he was attractive. Caramel tan skin wrapped softly in hard planes of sinewy muscles, dark chocolate eyes hidden in a slant, cherry red lips slightly chapped from the cold winter air, and long, lean, muscular legs all made for quite the fine package. Not that he was ugly as a child, hell it was far from that.
“You know, I was thinking…remember when I stole your first kiss?” Jaejoong asked, dragging in another small puff of white.
Changmin grimaced, “How could I forget it, I woke up to your face shoved into mine.”
Jaejoong blanched, “I am not that ugly…nor was I ever!”
Laughing, Changmin responded, “That’s not what I meant….it was just surprising is all.” Changmin seemed to be fascinated with his shirt’s hem as Jaejoong stared intently at him over the billowing white smoke.
“Explain.” Jaejoong said, finally stubbing out the now small cigarette on the bed side table. Their manager was going to kill him.
“Explain what?” Changmin asked, waving his hand around the room to rid the air of the foul yet similarly sweet smoke.
“Why it was so surprising to find me leaning over you.” Jaejoong’s intent gaze never faltered from Changmin’s face.
“Well,” Changmin began, “It wasn’t really unpleasant to wake up to you, I mean, and you’re not bad in the looks department.” Jaejoong seemed to swell with pride. “I think it was the fact that we were young, inexperienced, and immature. That you didn’t love me, nor did you seem to care about me before that. But worse, was that you stole my first kiss without even asking.”
Silence reigned as Jaejoong let Changmin’s words seep into his veins like a long shot of alcohol. It ran warm for a while, lingering in his fingertips and toes, all the while getting colder as it neared his heart and organs. Both the bad and good had all collided into each other in the small monologue, confusion and yet and slight euphoria took over Jaejoong’s brain.
“What if I had asked you?” Jaejoong questioned, his direction determined. “Would you have let me kiss you?”
Changmin shrugged, his shoulders flexing, “Don’t know…probably not.”
“See.” Jaejoong said, “There is your answer.”
“I didn’t ask a question.”
Jaejoong sighed, “Do you really have to make things so fucking complicated all the time?”
Changmin chuckled, “Yes.”
“Fuck you.” Jaejoong spat, running a hand through his unruly brown locks.
Changmin sighed, his tiredness apparent by the heavy weight of his breath. As he stood up to leave, Jaejoong suddenly replied,
Changmin looked down, his face contorted in confusion, “What?”
Changmin barely had any time to think as he was quickly pulled down by a wrist, his chest shoved against Jaejoong’s, a hand wrapped around his neck, and a pair of warm, wet lips pressed persistently against his.
His eyes went wide as Jaejoong’s lips worked forcefully against his, the hand at the nape of his neck moving to his hair, driving themselves into its brown silky depths.
Sighing into the kiss, Changmin finally relaxed, shock reducing to pleasure as he opened his mouth to receive a warm and inviting swipe of a neighboring tongue.
Teeth clashed as Jaejoong shoved his tongue ever deeper into the recesses of his band-mates sweet mouth. It was just as tasty as the first time, wait, maybe even better. The taste had differed slightly, not as sickly sweet with innocence, but gapingly bitter and beautifully tangy with maturity.
Changmin gasped once again as his hands fell silently into Jaejoong’s well coifed hair, his long fingers wrapping around the short fibers, pulling to bring his friend ever closer. His knees finally bent, unknowingly straddling Jaejoong’s thighs, as his tongue fought for dominance over the said man’s. Groins rubbed together slightly, the light friction ripping moans from each boy’s busy lips. Changmin couldn’t believe he hadn’t stopped, hadn’t fought to get away, hadn’t been disgusted like he had before. It all seemed so new, yet still broken in, like new shoes that left calluses. They only scabbed over, but never really healed. 
Changmin could feel his lips getting raw with spit as Jaejoong continued to plunder his mouth for all he was worth, oxygen only a side plan.
Finally Jaejoong pulled away, a shining line of hungry saliva trailing from their eager mouths, popping as they moved farther away. Changmin’s eyes shone in the dim light, his lips red and swollen, puffy and oh-so kissable. It took all of Jaejoong’s power not to capture that tantalizing mouth once again.
“Uhm.” Changmin gasped, his hands flailing as they had nowhere to fall. “That was….”
“Incredible?” Jaejoong asked, Changmin finally resting his hands on his thighs.
“Not exactly normal.”
Jaejoong chuckled, still running his hands through Changmin’s hair, “Normality has never been our specialty now has it?”
“No, not really.” Changmin said after a thoughtful minute of consideration. “So why exactly did that whole….” Changmin’s arms started to flail again, “that whole…experience happen just now?”
Jaejoong smiled, “Cause I wanted it to happen.”
Changmin blushed, unknowingly making Jaejoong’s heart beat a whole thump faster. “Oh, well, that makes sense.”
“And if you would let me…” hands went from hair to jutting, muscular hips, “I’d like to try it again.” Jaejoong asked.
Changmin smirked, a feral glint growing ever faster inside his irises, “God that was so corny.” He said as he calmly straitened his legs and pushed himself up and off his band-mate. “But I don’t know, I guess we could try it again.”
Jaejoong pushed himself to sit up strait as Changmin started to walk towards the door, curiosity taking over his facial expressions. Why was he walking away when he had just said he wanted to do it again?
The smirk still present on his face, Changmin turned as he hooked the lock on the door and a hand pulled his shirt over his shining hair. A smile returned to Jaejoong’s face as he realized Changmin’s intentions, unzipping the long fly atop his jeans.
“Just remember one thing.” Changmin said as he stalked back to straddle Jae’s thighs once more, his face pulling in for a kiss,
 “I’m no longer an amateur.”
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[Land Min's UFO's Here]toma_love on July 11th, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
this is just... amashing XD

the way you wrote minnie here makes me die in glee. i love how you describe things and how simple things are said in ways i've never read before... goodness and minnie smoking *spanks minnie* no boy bad for you.. i'm off to read part two now =]
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 11th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
I am so so thrilled by this comment! You really make me a happy writter, feeling all good about myself now. LOL! Thank you thank you so much for reading and commenting! *hugs*