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03 November 2008 @ 10:55 pm
Goodnight and Go (Chapter Three)  
Title: Goodnight and Go
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: 3/5, chapter three
Disclaimer: DBSK is owned by SM Entertainment...so not to be sueing plz.


Say goodnight and go.
Why'd you have to be so cute?
It's impossible to ignore you.
Oh must you make me love so much?
It's bad enough we get along so well.
Say goodnight and go.

Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

A/N: OMG...I am so sorry it took me forever and an eternity to finish this chapter! I seriously had intensive writters block for such a long time, I was getting worried! >.<
I had actually wrote this chapter once, and I didn't like the way it turned out and how it was making the story flow, so instead I re-thought my direction, and came up with what you see before you. It took me around an hour to finish this chapter...I got the inkling to write and the idea sprung to me. Oh, if you want to know, all of my stories are written from beginning to end. Meaning, I do not write a chapter if it appears to me unless I consider it a great/monumentous idea. I write everything in chronological order as it comes to my mind...I find it...better that way. Many writers do not do this. ^-^

The night sky was sprinkled with stars, their small eyes winking, as you crunched through the fallen maple leaves scattered along the road.
The cold fall air twirled around your coat encased torso, wound around your long legs, and slinked stealthily between the tufts of your short brown hair.
Taking a deep breath, you smiled as you neared the small park, the wooden swings and slimy tin slides a welcoming sight to your dreary eyes.
The park was abandoned, had been since around dinner time, when all the children ran home and into their parents arms to escape the night chill.
Funny, you loved the nipping air, the crunching red of leaves, and the sense of escape this season always made you feel.
Your legs fell beneath you as you sunk with a smile into a nearby swing chair, the cold plastic hitting your rear with a tingle and a rusting squeak from the ancient hinges.
It had been a while since you had had the chance to get out here, to walk away from it all, forget who you really were…and just be you.
Sing, dance, sing, dance, talk, talk, sing, dance, dance, sleep.
It was the same every single day, it never really changed much.
Stood like the reliable statue on the corner, so you would remember to turn right everyday, instead of the always leaning left.
Yet it was times like these that you needed most, the quiet and the stand still of a life unknown to you since middle school.
Just so you could shut the voices up and think like a normal person.
The back and fourth of the swing rocked you happily as the music lightly strummed through your ear buds, filtering the sounds of honking cars and wailing sirens.
Reaching into your bright yellow bag, you pulled out the frosted bottle of beer you had purchased just a few minutes before at the 7-11 near your home.
The air escaping the can echoed around the small neighborhood as you cracked open the top, foam and bubbles running uselessly down your hand and into the wood chips below.
The sweet smell of hops hit your nostrils as you swallowed a large gulp of the light brown liquid, the foam collecting on your upper lip.
You felt the burn of alcohol hit your stomach, warming your frozen limbs as it swum through your blood stream.
Raising your can to the heavens, you smiled sarcastically, “Here’s to you.” You salute, brining the can back down to your lips for another swig.
“You know, talking to yourself is not something I would consider normal.”
Your beer splattered as you screamed at the voice, your brain slowly registering the person it belonged to.
Underneath the low light from the nearby streetlamp, you recognized the silhouette of dark red-black hair, and almost pale white skin….Jaejoong.
“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked, trying not to show the beer stain appearing quickly across the crotch of your jeans.
“Trying to find you.” He replied, sitting down on the swing to left of yours, his clothing and face now seeming clear in your drunken vision.
“What are you following me?” Your arms shook as you pulled yourself back up into the swing chair.
Jaejoong chuckled, “Do you want me to be following you?”
“Reverse psychology gets pretty old after a while Jae.” You reply, chugging your beer, “And no, I do not want you following me.”
“Your mother told me where to find you.” Jaejoong responded, his voice cracking in the cold air.
You snorted in disbelief, “One question you still haven’t answered…why did you need to find me in the first place?”
Jaejoong sighed, “We need to talk…and now seemed like the best time.”
“What if now isn’t a good time for ME!” You shouted, trying to sound scary, but it really sounded more like a whine from a five year old.
“Stop being an asshole and just listen to me.” Jaejoong demanded, his voice capturing the scary vibe you had been going for previously. Damn, it had to be the alcohol…you were usually the domineering one.
“Look, we haven’t talked to each other for three days.” Jaejoong continued, his eyes shining black in the street lamp’s yellow haze. He had removed his contacts. “We just need to talk about our relationship and how we can make it better. You ignoring me isn’t going to get us anywhere.”
You sat on your swing, the silver chain cutting into your left hand as you gripped it too tight. “When I had said, leave me alone, I had never meant for us to never talk to each other…that was partially your doing Jaejoong.”
A grunt of laughter pitched in the night air, “Oh yes, it was all me Changmin, I was the one who decided to be chicken and run away from confrontation.”
You rolled your eyes, your annoyance and alcohol tolerance getting in the way of your rational thought, “Why me?”
Crap. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
“Why did you choose me Jae? Why was I the one you had to kiss?” you asked, your face cringing in disgust at your chosen word’s terrible aftertaste. “You made my head spin with questions aimed so much at my inner self-worth, that I couldn’t even comprehend one foot in front of the other.”
Jaejoong sniffed, more from the cold than tears, “Leave it to you to use big words when you’re drunk.”
You felt your fingers in what seemed like the first time in an hour, their whitening knuckles crushing your empty beer can and pulling repeatedly on the swing’s cold, metal chains.
“Didn’t you say you wanted a serious conversation?” you blame, Jaejoong’s leather jacket squeaking as he shifted in his swing seat. You took the movement as a yes.
“To put it in bullshit terms…” you continued, eyes aiming down at the frost bitten ground, “You made me question the reality I had come to believe.”
You heard Jaejoong swallow, watched him flip his bangs away from his blinking eyes.
“Changmin, if you are waiting for me to say I am sorry, it’s not going to happen.” Jaejoong chuckled softly, “I kissed you for a reason, and that reason still stands.”
“Let me guess…” You implied, “You love me.”
“Body and soul, and I have continuous patience.”
You guffawed, “Oh right, so you assume, once you admit this I will come crashing in on you, kissing you willy, then tell you to go strait to the apartment so we can fuck like little gay bunnies?”
You swear you had never seen Jaejoong’s eyes widen that far, “Uhm, that wasn’t exactly the plan I had in mind.”
“Then what was your masterful plan, oh minister of seduction?” you chortled while burping a bubble of air from the chugged beer.
The chains rattled as Jaejoong stood from his seat, stepping twice until his feet were planted headily on each side of your thighs still encased in the swing. His hands grabbed the metal chains and his face leaned down until his nose touched the tips of your short hair.
“To make you the happiest man in the world.” He whispered.


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yumeneyumene on November 4th, 2008 12:52 pm (UTC)
gah! Funny! hahha and... sweet! how does JAe plan to make him happy?
I love your descriptions... you made me feel the cold outside... brrr and Iam confy at home -__- haha oooh now I wonder how it was the previous chapter... the one you changed into this.. so curious....

I really like the dialoges hehe exact amount of jokes and seriousness...I only can say that it was too short for me... love it so much.... I want more! I hope you can update soon *_*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 4th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
I am so glad you liked it so much! *huggles*

Thank you for reading and leaving such a wonderful comment!
emda: Jaeminemda on November 4th, 2008 07:35 pm (UTC)
So sweet.
“To make you the happiest man in the world.”
thats the sweetest sentence I ever read. Love it!!!!!
LOL How can Changmin use big words even when he is drunk??
So cute!!!!!
Want more!!!!!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 4th, 2008 10:45 pm (UTC)
YAY for fluff!Jae!

Changmin has a HUGE brain, so even when half of it is drunk, the other half comprehends everything clearly. LOL!

Thanks for reading!
Benevolent Dictatoramouralamer on November 4th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
So happy to see an update! I really like this premise, can't wait to see how it goes!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 5th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
YAY thanks for liking it and reading continuously!

Stephanietheresa_lynne on November 5th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
OMG. You like... read my mind!!! I was so going to write a fic about Changmin drinking by himself at the park. <333
Stephanie: JaeMin // soulfightertheresa_lynne on November 5th, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)
Btw, how ironic was it that I realized I was listening to Goodnight and Go at the time I was reading this? I didn't even know until I was finished reading. XD
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 5th, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
I think we are connected...in some weird mind-boggling way...ahahaa, creeepppyyyy.
ansukaansuka on November 5th, 2008 05:21 am (UTC)
“To make you the happiest man in the world.” He whispered.
i'm lovin this line
was fantastic :3

thanks ^^
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 5th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
fantastic!!! YAY! That's a good adjective!

Thanks for reading and commenting!
(Deleted comment)
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on November 5th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
snarky!Min is never too far behind on the re-bound...I think I will only tell you that. ^-^

Thanks for reading and commenting!
kogino on November 15th, 2008 01:42 pm (UTC)
Wooo I love it
xD Changmin replies ,so funny

can't wait for the next chapter
please update soon :D