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27 December 2008 @ 02:18 am
Take My Breath Away  
*this beautiful poster made by my lovely and talented friend une_topaze!!!

Title: Take My Breath Away
Series: Breathless Romance
Arc: Breathless Romance Arc/Series
Rating: PG-13 (for language and sexual situations)
Pairing: HoMin (Yunho x Changmin)
Length: 1/??, pre-arc series
Disclaimer: SM owns the boys of DBSK, I wish I did.

"I don't want you to give what you don't have
Don't make a vow that you can't keep
I don't want you to change your positions
Don't hang around just to please me
But I have one request
and if you don't think it's senseless
let me give you something else."

Kim Sanders - Let Me Love You

A/N: So, I have been thinking about writing this Pre-Breathless Romance series since I started really getting into BR...but it was all you loyal BR fans that really made me serious about writing it. I feel you all need to know how I imagined Yunho and Changmin realizing their love for each other. I really hope you enjoy this opening chapter and enjoy all the future chapters. This has now become my second longest series I have ever written...odd...HoMin isn't even my OTP...hmmm. Anyways, hope you all enjoy it, thanks for reading!

He had looked so different that night.
Different in your eyes.
It was like he had grown twelve inches over one night, it was obvious...well, obvious enough.
Hit you like a 10 ton anvil dropped on your foot.
Wham and it landed in your stomach, that knot, curling and twining in your bowels.
It hurt, a dull aching pain reminding you of the moments in life forgotten, pushed to the side.
It was all over.
His warmth, his smile, his awkward standing graces, everything about him was about to disappear from life as you knew it.
To imagine him not standing next to you in the oh-so-recognizable formation, seemed unknown and foreign.
You realized, in that nano second, in that small sliver of your time on earth, he was someone special.
As light was to dark, so was he to what seemed to be your heart beating like a basket ball against a heated court...

That night, he was different, that night, he became a piece of your secret soul.


To the members of DBSK,

As of 2012, DBSK, as a music group, will no longer be supported by S.M. Entertainment Productions or Management.
All monies earned during and after this time period will be diverged evenly between all parties involved.
To keep all later transactions in peace, all discussions of this topic will be held in the group fashion and proposed to all involved.

President and Founder,

Lee Soo Man

February 12, 2012

Kim (XIAH) Junsu has been accepted as a solo artist by S.M Entertainment Co. for the sum of $2.5 million won.
S.M Entertainment's President Lee Soo Man has stated in an earlier press conference, “Junsu was born to be a singer, and as we watched him mature as an artist, we knew he would only be able to fly by going solo.”
There has been no statement given from any of Junsu's former DBSK band mates over this pressing issue.
DBSK was the number one group back in the early 21st century and has continued to rank high on the Hanteo music charts even with their mainstream absence.

June 9, 2012

Yoongwoong (HERO) Jaejoong of famous idol sensation DBSK has signed on with former band mate Choikang (MAX) Changmin's new production company, Barrister, for a reported $6 million won.
In a statement made during a private interview, Jaejoong said, “I am thrilled to be working under my friend's jurisdiction, I know he will only help me make the correct decisions for my musical future.”
When asked if the the deal would hurt his relationship with another former band-mate Kim (XIAH) Junsu, Jaejoong said, “I am sure it will only make it stronger.”

December 19, 2012

The race is on between former band-mates Kim (XIAH) Junsu and Yoongwoong (HERO) Jaejoong with their solo albums both debuting at number one on the Hanteo music charts yesterday evening.
Both sales have shown no sign in slowing down, leaving both parties open for discussion at the end of year awards ceremonies.
“Jaejoong is incredibly talented, yet so is Junsu, both have the potential of getting the big awards come ceremony night.” said SBS Production Manager Sung Kwon, “It really is a toss up of equal talent and incredible production teams.”


“Well can you get him on the phone.” you demanded as you pushed the phone far too hard into your ear for comfort, “I don't give a damn, get him on the phone THEN talk to me.”
The door to your office cracked open, the secretary's dark eyes and pink glossed lips peeking around the golden handle,
“Excuse me sir?” she asked as you slammed the phone into the receiver, your face a probable mash up of anger and annoyance. “Yunho is here to see you.”
You threw his hands up into the air, “Finally, bring him in, thanks Ms. Kong.”
A few seconds later, the wide door opened once again, Yunho slowly stepping in the office almost to quietly and shutting the wood with a click.
His paint stained Nike's squeaked on the redwood floors, his denim jeans and loose white t-shirt stark in contrast to your pristine office, yet he seemed to belong just where he was.
“You are the hardest person to get in contact with you know.” you chuckled as he came to sit in one of the small leather chairs offered by the swing of your hand. “Why aren't you picking up your cell phone?”
“My phone?” Yunho looked surprised at it's mention, his hands flying over the pocket's of his ripped and paint stained jeans, “Oh shit, you know, I think I may have left it at the dance studio.” he smirked, you noticed his teeth were still as white as ever, “Does that give me enough of an excuse for not picking up?”
You shrugged, “I guess so,” you smiled, genuinely this time, “And maybe also the fact that you are still one of my friends.” you leaned back in your chair, the hinges squeaking in resistance, “I have a favor to ask.”
“A favor?” he asked, chuckling deep and rough, leaning back into the chair's soft leather, “Sure what do you need?”
You couldn't have been more pleased at his rapid acceptance, “I am starting up a new girl group, and I need them trained well in dancing and choreography.” you looked up into Yunho's eyes, trying to read his emotions, yet failing, “I was hoping that you could give your services to the group and the company, teach the girls how to dance and keep their voices in range.”
Yunho didn't respond, his face an unreadable mask, so you continued, your voice soft, “I would pay you as well, I am thinking around 1.5 million won a year.”
“1.5 million?” Yunho cringed, “That's a bit much don't you think...I mean we're already rich Min, I personally don't need more money.”
You bit your lip, you had forgotten what a humble man Yunho really was, “Then what can I pay you in? I really need your help Yunho, you are the only guy I know who could really whip these girls into shape.”
He sighed, his left hand running through his spiky brown hair, the locks looking deep and soft against his creamy milk caramel skin, “Can I call you tomorrow after I think about it?”
You fought hard to keep the surprise from exploding onto your face, “Uhm, yeah, sure go ahead.”
He nodded, smiling slightly as he stood from the chair, the weight of his body leaving an indent in the pliant leather, “I promise to get back to you tomorrow, but I need to go alright...I have a lot to get done and stuff.”
You nodded, a repetition of what he had just done, not knowing what other gesture could express the same sentiment, “Alright...you know my number.”
He smiled once again, turning his back to walk quickly out the door, his footsteps echoing down the marble hall to the elevator you knew would be waiting for him.
The sigh that left your body seemed to let loose the nervousness you had been feeling the entire time his presence lingered in the room. He had walked in and all you could think was, 'he's finally here' and 'I missed him so much', your business sense completely forgotten in the realms of his chocolate eyes.
You listened as your heart continued to slow, it's once rapid rabbit pace, now a throbbing, painful let down.
Two deep breaths.
Clench of a fist.
Why did it have to always be awkward with him?
Why did your brain have to stutter your words, crinkle your thoughts, and mash up your movements once he walked through a door?
You hated the feelings.
They were foreign, unnatural in your environment.
Yet it was impossible to push them away.
It was as if your body wanted to reject them, yet your heart clung to them.
A deadly disease that although it knows it can be cured, still attacks anyway.
You sighed.
You had work to do.


Comment: Thanks so much for reading, and if you got this far WOOT! Anyways...uhm...that first blurb up there is for all of you to think about. Who do you think said it? I know who did...but who do you think? Yunho or Changmin? ^-^ Comments are well appreciated!

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紫のチャンミン: MinHo defining ♥ at mkmf 2008kurogoma on December 27th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)
i have been looking forward to this, so glad to see you starting it! homin`s beginnings. :D

the first blurb, starting with He had looked so different that night. ?

i think it`s yunho....
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
Yunho would be correct! WOOT! You win...HoMin cookies? LOL!

Thank you so much for reading and leaving a wonderful comment!
Yunho's Honey Funny Bunnykuro_wolf on December 27th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
What going on wit the Junsu and the Jaejoong.
But i'm getting all excited with the HoMin beginnings! HEhehehe...
Good start dude! I'm officially hooked!(as if i wasnt before, hehe)
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
Junsu and Jaejoong will be talked ,ore about in future chapters, I promise!

Oooh, hooked! YES!

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!
realitywaiting on December 27th, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
8D!! YAY! Beginnings!!! WOohoooo!!! *throws confetti* I loves this so much! ♥
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:09 pm (UTC)
YAY you love it!

Thank you for reading and commenting!
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOWfiat_amorfati on December 27th, 2008 03:33 pm (UTC)
Oh my, this chapter deserves a major glomp from moi. *glomps*

He sighed, his left hand running through his spiky brown hair, the locks looking deep and soft against his creamy milk caramel skin
My Yunho is beautiful *sobs*

My instinct said the blurb is Yunho's. I don't mind being wrong though because it's a beautiful moment of truth for either of them.

I can't wait for the next chapter ♥
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yunho is a progressivly hot little fucker...*licks him*

The blurb is Yunhos! WOOT FOR YOU!

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*wubs you*
Yuxiyuxo on December 27th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
aww yay! :D i'm really looking forward to their backstory together!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

don't rush yourself but don't keep us waiting too long, you hear? :D ♥ :3
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
I won't make you wait too long...I promise, I just have to get my writing muse to come out! ^-^
aniprincess_13aniprincess_13 on December 27th, 2008 05:39 pm (UTC)
Nice start!! definitely intriguing :) Please update soon!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on December 27th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you so much for reading and commenting!
doma_arsonicadoma_arsonica on December 29th, 2008 05:34 am (UTC)
oooh sounds really interesting. Really really so. I would be bawling out my eyes to see DBSK separate. I'm curious to see where everything takes them. ^__^

especially homin...since they are known for their failness..xD
♪ megan: HoMin@MKMF{Mine+♥}sunev789 on January 3rd, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
I seriously have no idea why I didn't read this when you first posted it. D:
But...I'm deadly excited! ♥
I haven't even read Breathless Romance either.
But I will...oh I will. >:3
*skips off to second part*