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09 July 2008 @ 03:57 pm
Innocence of Seduction (Chapter Four)  
Title: Innocence of Seduction
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeHoMin
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: NC-17: For language and sexual situations
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, SM Entertainment does...plagerism is not welcome. 
Length: Chapter 4/8

Changmin loves both Jaejoong and Yunho, but how will he ever get them to realise it? 

Changmin stood underneath the spray of the showerhead, the hot bullets mildly scorching his skin they slid down fluidly before falling with a drip into the drain below. Shaking out the rest of the soap from his hair, Changmin replayed the scenes of that night over in his head.
He and Yunho had been dancing for quite a while down there, alone, Yunho sporting a large hard on, all brought on by the “innocent” Changmin. Changmin knew that his plan had worked when from around the corner, he heard hand against flesh and the slight quickness of breath that only meant one thing. Yunho had got off thinking of him.
For some reason the thought excited him, made him even more anxious to get out and proclaim his love for his hyungs, but he knew they probably only thought of him as a sex object now, nothing to actually “love”. 
Shutting off the water, Changmin stepped out of the white tub, grabbing blindly for a towel off the rack, but missing and hitting something softer than any towel. Changmin shook the water out of his eyes and looked up towards the towel rack, his brown orbs falling onto Jaejoong’s slanted ones.
“Hi Changmin.” Jaejoong said softly with a smirk. “Looking for this?” Changmin’s hyung held up the fluffy white towel in his left hand, the farthest one away from Changmin’s naked body.
“A-actually that was the specific thing I was looking for.” Changmin quipped, running a hand down his wet face. Jaejoong’s smirk widened as Changmin tried grabbing for the towel a few inches still out of his grasp.
“It doesn’t work that way Min.” Jaejoong whispered as he pulled the towel behind his back against the wall he was no leaning against.
Changmin put his hand on his hip, and Jaejoong’s mind giggled as Changmin stood in his ever so famous pose, his S-line prevalent while his hip stuck out of his left side. But Jaejoong kept a strait face, even if his mind wanted him to burst out in fits of giggles at how amazingly manly and sexy, yet how innocent and geeky the man was…even standing naked.
Changmin looked up through hooded eyes and wet bangs, water droplets sliding down his pecs and abs asking, “Then how does it work Jae?”
Jaejoong blinked, and Changmin moved closer until his nose was an inch away from his hyung’s.
”Show me Jae…show me how it works.” Changmin whispered, in a voice no longer a little high, but low and husky. The voice sent shivers down Jaejoong’s back as he stared up into Changmin’s face, water drops clinging to the top of his nose and lips.
Leaning in ever so slightly, Jaejoong stuck out his tongue as he licked Changmin’s lips, divesting them of any water from the shower that had been left behind, then grabbing the back of Min’s head and diving the same tongue far into the younger man’s mouth. 
Changmin didn’t think he could breathe, he was so excited, his hyung was kissing him so passionately and so full of hunger, he could feel it in the air. But Changmin held himself composed and brought his hand up to run it through Jaejoong’s silky, raven black hair, sitting dry on the top of his head.
Kissing him even harder, Jae pulled back lightly to gasp for air, and then sunk back into the heaven which was Changmin’s mouth. Jaejoong was surprised to find, that even though this man had said he had never kissed a soul before, he was in fact, an amazing kisser. Changmin’s tongue battled with Jaejoong’s as the younger of the two grabbed for Jaejoong’s t-shirt, grabbing the front and pulling the older even closer to himself.
Jaejoong slid his hands up Changmin’s naked back, softly kneading and massaging the muscles he found.
Jaejoong moaned as the kiss he and Changmin shared broke for the first time since their lips met. Jaejoong looked up at Changmin in shock, his eyes getting round and large in confusion as to why Changmin had stopped.
“Yunho is home, and he is looking for you.” Changmin whispered as he reluctantly pushed himself away from Jaejoong, tearing his hands away from his hyung’s crumpled t-shirt.
“Oh.” Jaejoong said, still half zoned out from the intense kiss they had just shared. Jaejoong looked over at Changmin who had grabbed his towel and was drying the extra water off his body and pulling his boxer shorts up off the floor to put on soon after he was finished.
“Changmin…what are you….why?” Jaejoong sputtered while straitening out his shirt, his ears picking up Yunho’s slight shouts of his name from Yoochun’s room a few doors down.
Changmin looked up at Jaejoong from sliding his own shirt over his head, covering his tan skin with blue cotton.
“I don’t want to be the person who breaks up a perfect couple…I want you both to decide what you want.” Changmin stated as he grabbed his toothbrush, starting to pretend to brush his teeth as he heard Yunho’s footsteps grow ever louder.
As the door started to open, Jaejoong quickly rearranged his hand tussled hair, turning to face the opening door.
“Jaejoong?” Yunho asked as he opened the bathroom door, steam flowing out near his feet. “What are you doing in here with the door closed?”
Jaejoong looked flushed as he stood in the corner near the tub next to the towel rack; his glassy eyes and silly smile making him look slightly drunk. Off what exactly, only Changmin and Jaejoong were to know.
“I was just…just…” Jaejoong gasped, as he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. 
Changmin rolled his eyes silently and turned to Yunho, the brush still in his mouth.
“Jaejoong came in while I finished my shower to take out the towels for cleaning.”
Yunho looked over to the younger man after Changmin had finished talking, watching him in silence as he spit and put the brush back in the cup next to the sink. 
Walking slowly past them, Changmin brushed his body lightly against Yunho as he moved stealthily through the doorway and down the hall, closing the door to his room softly.
“Right.” Yunho sighed, eyeing his boyfriend and walking out of the steam filled bathroom to head through the hallway towards the kitchen.
Yunho stood in the kitchen, his coffee mug held like a golden goblet in his hand. 
“God, I hate early morning talk shows.” The man grumbled as he sipped the black liquid carefully as to not burn his needed tongue. Looking up at the silly whiteboard screwed into the wall, he started reading the schedule for the day, memorizing as much as his tired brain would register.
Mumbling to himself the mantra, “Talk show, another talk show, X-Man filming, and rehearsals…” Yunho swallowed the rest of his coffee from the bottom of the neon green mug, laughing slightly at the color of the mugs. Jaejoong had designed the whole kitchen color scheme, neon blues and greens, he had said those colors made people hungry and liberated libidos. Whatever the reason, Yunho still hated the colors, he thought they were garish and headache inducing. Loving Jaejoong was an all out thing he had practically given his life to, but well, it was something he enjoyed to say the least. 
Still staring at the mug, Yunho did not notice a hand reach out gently to pat him on the shoulder.
“Good morning hyung!” Yunho recognized the voice of his younger band-mate, turning his head to look strait into the eyes of Changmin. “The cups have cracks in them or something? Cause if they do you will want to throw them away; it can chip while you drink something and the shards can lodge in your throat and kill you.” Changmin stated nonchalantly as he reached around Yunho’s broad shoulders to grab the cup Yunho was still grasping in his large hand.
Yunho looked up slightly to face Changmin; he always forgot how tall the man was. “Thanks for that happy image Min.” Yunho chuckled, trying to escape from between the sink and Changmin’s warm torso pressing up against him slightly. “Can I get around you?”
Changmin looked down at his hyung, his eyes feigning innocence. “Oh, sorry hyung, I didn’t mean to block your way. I am just trying to make sure the cups aren’t chipped….and your warm.”
Yunho looked up once again from staring at the floor, startled at the last admittance. “Warm?” Yunho asked, his eyes going lop-sided. “What do you mean warm Min?”
Changmin looked surprised at Yunho’s confused tone; he hadn’t expected a reply like that. “Uhm, well…when you are dressed like this, you feel the slight drafts.” Changmin stuttered, signaling slightly at his torso that Yunho realized for the first time, was completely bare. 
Changmin had no shirt on, his jeans riding low on his sharp, angled hips, his arm muscles rippling slightly as he put the cup back on the sink counter. Changmin really had grown up fast, Yunho thought as he stared blatantly at Min’s back while he bent over to grab a bagel from out of the refrigerator. Changmin really did have a nice body, all lean muscle and tanned skin, a small waist and a long, angled back, leading to even longer, strong willed legs. He had for sure been working out, the six pack and slight pectorals proved that as much, and Yunho swore he could feel the drool running down his chin.
Wiping off the imaginary drool with the back of his hand, Yunho watched in silence as Changmin bit into the pastry he had unraveled from the bag. Yunho’s stomach growled then, a loud, horrible growl that echoed through the kitchen, bouncing into Changmin’s ears.
Changmin laughed slightly, “Yunho, did you eat anything? Was all you had coffee?”
Yunho nodded as he tried to bring himself out of his lust induced haze, “Yeah, I only had coffee, because you know how I can’t really eat in the mornings.”
Changmin nodded also, replying, “Oh yeah, I forgot about your morning sickness thing. Sorry I brought it up…I just get worried about you.”
Yunho smiled, Changmin worried way too much, he was worse than Jaejoong. “You don’t need to worry about me Minnie, I am always fine.”
Changmin rolled his eyes, “I hear your stomach all the time when we are on talk-shows, it is deafening, like a bomb exploding in your stomach.” Changmin set his bagel down and crossed his arms over his chest, trying to emphasize his point. “I feel bad, and I wish I could just…I don’t know…shove a freaking piece of food down that stomach of yours in the morning. I know you eat a lot after 9am, but still…I will worry, and there is nothing you can do about it.” Changmin finished by picking up his bagel and biting into it roughly, his chewing noise making Yunho think dirty thoughts about that mouth.
Walking up to Changmin, Yunho put his palms against Changmin’s cheeks, still undulating from chewing. Leaning his head up, Yunho kissed Changmin’s forehead, lingering for slightly longer than he had anticipated, Changmin just felt too good to let go. Running his hands down Changmin’s arms, Yunho grabbed at his younger mate’s biceps, pulling him forward slightly, whispering,
“You’re so sweet, you drive me insane.”
Lurching forward, Yunho kissed Changmin roughly, his tongue pressing open Changmin’s mouth and digging inside to run along the contours of the hot cavern. Teeth clashed and heads turned to the left and right, as the two men devoured each other’s mouths like their souls were being exchanged.
Pulling back slightly, Yunho nibbled at Changmin’s lower lip, running his tongue along its plump fullness before sucking on it gently and letting it go with a ‘pop’.
Changmin looked down at his hyung; he wasn’t expecting that to happen…it wasn’t supposed to happen until that afternoon at rehearsals. Changmin inwardly smiled to himself for his victory, as Yunho’s eyes looked at Changmin’s red, swollen lips and tussled hair.
“Changmin I…I…” Yunho said as he backed a few feet away and leaned against the counter, shocked about how he had just lost control. He hadn’t meant to kiss Changmin like that, it all just…seemed right. His lips fit perfectly to Changmin’s…and Changmin felt so very good, so very hot next to him. 
“Morning fellas.” Yoochun chimed as he walked into the kitchen, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “Whatcha guys standing so far away from each other for.” He asked as he grabbed for a banana, sliding back the yellow peel.
Yunho just stood, his face turning red as he watched Changmin push himself away from his side of the counter and walk towards the washroom. Turning around, Changmin asked,
“Yoochun, how can you be so perky in the morning?”
Yoochun shrugged, “Genetics?”
Changmin groaned, “Your kind of people shouldn’t breed.” He said, turning back around to disappear into the washroom.
“HEY!” Yoochun shouted back, waking up the rest of the boys. Yunho knew as he watched Changmin slide on a shirt, he had a long day ahead of him.

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