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10 July 2008 @ 11:08 am
Flickers of Adoration (2/8)  
Title: Flickers of Adoration
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: PG
Pairing: JaeMin (Jaejoong x Changmin)
Length: 1/8 drabbles (275 words)
Disclaimer: SM Entertainment owns the boys....if I did, they would be tied up to my bed posts.

Summary: (I can't remember the old summary I wrote, so here is a new one LOL)  Love is a funny thing isn't it? Kind of like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and circles and swirls, all of them making you sick at one point, then making you feel lighter than air.
Author's Note: I think any one of us would love to see the DBSK boys old rooms....really, before they were the superstars we know.  I mean, it would show us all about their personalities and what they may have been into when they were little....so this is why I wrote this small drabble about Changmin's room.

Changmin’s warm hand hit his door’s cold metal handle,
“Now, Jae, you have to promise not to laugh.”
A serious face looked back at him, “Now why would I do that?”
“Because I haven’t remodeled the place since I left for the SM auditions.” Changmin replied; baby pink dusting his prominent cheek-bones.
Jaejoong smiled in return, running the hand not occupied by his cell phone up and down an arm bared by short sleeves. “I promise not to laugh,” he pulled his hand away pointing an elongated finger towards the boding door, “Not why don’t you just open it…it can’t be that bad.”
Jaejoong could have sworn he heard a slight murmur of, “Yes it can”, but watched quietly as the wooden door opened to reveal his childhood sanctuary.
“Here it is, just as I had left it.” Changmin said as he glided into the room of his parent’s house, his footfalls shushed on the tan Berber carpet, his light jean jacket thrown lopsided onto a nearby white beanbag chair.
Jaejoong couldn’t contain himself; a goofy smile covered his fair skinned face and ruby red lips as he looked around the small room. It was very clean, even though Jaejoong knew it was probably kept that way by his mother, all the books stacked neatly on a small desk, all the clothes hung in the open sliding door closet, and all his shoes lined under his made bed.
 “This is really cute Changmin.” He grinned, picking up a small trophy on display next to a stack of Harry Potter novels, “First Place: Science Fair…damn but my boy isn’t a genius.”
Changmin laughed quietly as he sat softly down on his blue sheeted bed, “My parents always pushed me, and I always delivered…even if I didn’t want to.”
Nodding, Jaejoong set the trophy back in place, “Well, I thought you liked to study…you do it now.” He asked, touching random toys and reading all the plaques on the wall. Honor Roll, Honor Club, Honor Society, Best in Class, Most Improved, Gold Seal Award of Excellence in Elementary Mathematics…wasn’t there something he wasn’t good at?
“Yes, I do like to study now, but not intensely like my parents had forced on me as a child. I study for fun, but mostly by reading or skimming through books on subjects I have interest in, not cramming for hours every single afternoon.”
Jaejoong sighed in agreement as he walked to sit next to Changmin, his eyes focused on the wallpaper manufactured to look like an old time world map.
“Was your room always this clean?” Jaejoong asked with a slight chuckle as he sat down close to his band mate noticing how small the twin bed was with them being of adult size.
Changmin laughed, “You should already know the answer to that.”
A nod, “Yes I do, and the answer is?” he asked.
“No. My family keeps it clean for me while I am away, yet I still sleep in here each time I come over to visit.” Changmin sighs, his eyes roaming over his old room, his stomach clenching with harsh reality. “But it’s weird, after we became popular, it almost feels like I don’t belong here…and I can’t really explain it….its like my room is rejecting me.” Changmin took a deep breath, the influx of air raising his chest, “This room used to be the only place I had control…everywhere else I was under the control of someone or something else. Outside I was under the control of the city, laws, and weather. In school I was under their rule, and at home I was bossed by my parents and grandparents. In here I could control the temperature, what I wore, what I did, what I saw, and what I thought…at least when the door was closed.” Jaejoong watched as Changmin wrung his hands together, sweat sticking the digits together, “Once I left, to live with everyone in training, my confidence started to build, and soon I didn’t need the kind of closed off reassurance this room let me feel. I knew, once I opened the doors of the training house, I was now on my own; I had to create my own comfort zones. I believe this room resents me for it, the warming sensation it used to hold, it’s no longer there, I can’t feel it.”
As Changmin sat there, his back slumped, Jaejoong sighed, his surprise at the admittance from his partner stunning him into silence.
“Changmin…” Jaejoong started, Changmin raising his head at the mention of his name. Shaking his head, Jaejoong brought his cold hands up to his friend’s warm face, framing his cheeks and bringing him close, “Have I ever told you you think too much?”
The ringing of their unified giggles echoed through the open room as Jaejoong pressed his burning hot lips down on Changmin’s, the kiss growing deeper as Changmin’s surprise burned away to soft lust.
A gasp flowed through Changmin’s lips and onto Jaejoong’s questing tongue giving off a tantalizing taste of future prospects. Their tongues intertwined and rubbed together, their questing mouths searching for deep emotion as hands twirled in choppy hair and ran down soft clothed backs.
Pulling away slowly, Changmin smirked, chuckling slightly, “What was that for?”
Jaejoong seemed to glow, and kissed him once more, a quick peck on softened lips,
“To show you that you’re not alone.”
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yumeneyumene on July 11th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)
OHHHH so sweet! love this couple *¬*
are they toghether? was this their "second" kiss?? humm it doesn´t look like it right?? Ohhh 8 chapters?? I can´t wait!! wanna read more! pleassseee
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 11th, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Yes, they are together, and this was one kiss of many. I wrote these drabbles around the presumed assumption they had been together for a little while already.

Thanks so much for joining and commenting, it means a lot to me!