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13 July 2008 @ 03:51 pm
Leaving the Past (OT5 drabble)  
Title: Leaving the Past
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: PG (language only)
Length: 1/, drabble
Pairing: None, OT5
Disclaimer: SM own tre boys.

Let’s get out of this town tonight,
Nothing but dust in the shadows,
Gone the morning light,
Somewhere we won’t ever get caught,
Never be found,
Baby, let’s just get out of this town.
Outta This Town - Carrie Underwood

Author's Note: I wrote this story back in Feburary when the weather was FREEZING and there was nothing to do around the dorms. I don't know now good this story is since it is quick, short, and all over just silly. I love to write about happenings us fans would never find out...like what the boys do on their time off. So I usually write these silly little drabbles about the life behind the scenes, we never get to see. Here is my interpretation of night in the life of DBSK.

“Min, stop hogging all the fries!” Jaejoong shouted, his legs hanging over the steering wheel as his arms flailed behind him, unsuccessful at grabbing Changmin’s long legs.
“Yeah, you fucking hippo…” Junsu chuckled, his long fingers poking diligently at the little rolls adorning Min’s stomach underneath his t-shirt.
Rolling up into a ball in the back seat, Changmin glared at his friends, trapping the brown bag of greased potatoes between his legs.
Yoochun smirked evilly, “You really think I won’t reach down there?” he said, Changmin’s eyes gleaming with competitive knowing.
“What if I want you to?” Changmin asked, eyebrows wiggling up and down as he rolled out his long legs onto the car’s padded floor.
A grimace snaked over Yoochun’s purple tinted sunglasses, “You’re such a homo!”
Yunho laughed, his back up against the front dash and strong legs wrapped around the front seat head rest, “This coming from the guy wearing Elton John glasses.”
A fry flew in an arc, hitting Yunho’s chest, “Dammit Yunho, I actually liked these.” Yoochun cried, ripping the offending item off the bridge of his nose.
Light laughter rippled around the car’s small little cabin, as Junsu grabbed the purple frames out of Yoochun’s ever limping hands, slapping them onto his round head.
“Whatcha’ think? Am I not awesome?” he asked, Changmin snorting in response.
“Yes, you are the hottest thing in the history of ever.” Jaejoong pronounced, pieces of potato shoved to the side of his cheek.
Junsu nodded, “I thought so.”
Yunho shook his head, a smile adorning his full lips, “Self-absorbed much?”
Junsu, his brown irises gleaming through a purple haze, replied, “Self-captivated is more what I was thinking.”
Changmin chuckled, “Have you been reading the Thesaurus again?”
Junsu pushed the glasses back up his nose, “Your face.”
“Your mom.” Yoochun retorted, a smirk forming on his lips.
Pretending to be absorbed in his fries, Junsu ripped one in half, “What about her?”
The rustle of a napkin, “No, dude, what about her?” Junsu asked once again, his face flashing anger.
“Ooookaayyy then.” Jaejoong sing-sung, flipping his legs down off the steering wheel and turning the ignition. “It’s about time we turned back, it’s getting cold just sitting here anyways.”
Yunho whipped his body back around, the click of seatbelts following in suit behind him.
“Let’s get this tin can moving!” Yoochun shouted, slapping the palms of his hands on the back of Jaejoong’s driver seat. Jaejoong whopped as he backed up a little faster than needed and turned out onto the deserted street from an abandoned business parking lot.
Soft music filtered out of the speakers as they drove in silence the rest of the way back to their apartment, Seoul’s street lights twinkling like futuristic lightning bugs.
“Hey guys, do you mind if we make one more pit stop?” Jaejoong asked, his hands lazily stroking the leather covered wheel.
“Dude, you seriously can’t wait till we get home?” Junsu asked, hands flailing dramatically.
Jaejoong rolled his eyes, “Not that!” a sigh, “It’s not too far, just sit tight, you’ll enjoy it.”
The other four listened to the eldest, their voices only whispers of confusion as Jaejoong drove past their apartments and down about a mile, parking the car horizontally in the vertical lines.
“Oh my god, what the fuck happened?” Changmin sighed sadly as all five boys exited the red sports car, their bodies shivering against the frosty February air.
They all looked up, their old training building no longer the warm little place they had called home for many tedious years. The once boring tan paint was now peeling, graffiti was fighting for dominance on the far eastern walls, sad wooden boards now covered the once spit-printed windows, and the sidewalk was cracked with the growth of weeds.
“Weren’t we here just six years ago?” Junsu shuddered, his hands shoving into his pockets, shielding them from the bitter cold.
“A slightly creepy thought.” Yoochun exclaimed while white steam curled in front of his face from warm breaths.
“You guys were never told?” Yunho asked, turning his red-nosed visage to face his band-mates. “They closed this place two years ago, they bought a whole new building…it’s really nice and has a lot of high tech shit in it…bigger rooms, high speed internet…all the crap we never had.”
Changmin chuckled, “Lucky little bastards.”
Yoochun nodded, “That’s what I was thinking.”
Jaejoong sighed once again as he wrapped his right arm around Junsu’s shoulders, leaning his head into the crook between neck and shoulder. “It’s why I thought we should come here…I drove past it a few days ago….”
“This place was full of our blood, sweat, and tears…many years of damn hard work.” Junsu proclaimed, laying his head down on Jaejoong’s soft brown hair.
“Well, it helped make us who we are today…and you can either take it as a good or bad thing.” Changmin clarified his face full of serious radiance.
“Well now, let’s not get all mushy and crap. Seriously Min, you watch too many dramas.” Yunho snickered, Changmin slightly punching his arm.
The starting of the sparkling orange glow of sunrise brought Yoochun out of his reverie, pulling out his cell phone to check the time.
“We need to be getting back guys.”
Jaejoong nodded along with the rest of the boys, his tired legs pulling him to the car.
“You know our manager is going to kill us right?” Junsu inquired to his band-mates.
“Yeah, he will have our hides…” Yunho pronounced as he buckled his seatbelt,
“But I think this needed to be done.”
Changmin nodded, “Yeah, maybe it did.”
The engine roared, its bright back lights setting the decaying building aglow as it’s five shining stars left it behind for good.

Comments are appreciated, thanks for reading!

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