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08 July 2008 @ 10:16 pm
Dark Kisses (Jaejoong x Changmin)  
Title: Dark Kisses
Written By: Perriwynkkle (who else?)
Rating: R (sexual references)
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: Don't own tre boys, wish I did.

Summary: Your kiss is like chocolate, dark, rich, expensive chocolate that only just begs to be attended to.

Kissing him was like indulging in the darkest, richest, most expensive chocolate in the world. The whole gift came wrapped carefully, all looking too perfect to eat, but once you tasted the decadence, you couldn’t stop yourself from devouring the whole package.
You knew what desire was once you kissed him that day in the van, the curtains on the small windows pulled closed, and the heater turned on high making the small space seem claustrophobic. His cherubic face was free of any emotion, his eyes closed and his mind freed from the stresses of his newly formed singing career. You looked down upon that face, the lips pouted slightly as his cheek was pushed in by the puff in the car seat, an indent forming on the smooth, creamy skin. Wrapping his black blanket a little tighter around his tall, lithe body, you got unbelievably close to the young man’s face, feeling his breath puff on your face. His breath was warm, so much so it sent tingles down the cold skin it touched. Smiling, you leaned down, tilting your head to the left slightly, angled and aimed for his sweet pouting mouth. Putting a hand lightly on the top of his head, the well coifed hair crunched under your fingers with the gel that had been applied only minutes before, as your lips finally grazed against his. It was such a soft touch, almost too soft, so you pressed your lips ever so harder against his, deepening the kiss you had initiated to his sleeping form. His sweet mouth kept intoxicating you, drawing you in deeper and deeper as you ran your tongue around the underside of his open lips. Your stomach rolled as you realized the feeling of pleasure that was making its way into your groin, pulling you away carefully from his sleeping form. Getting carried away would make things very bad, and to top it off, this boy didn’t know your feelings, so you weren’t going to throw both of your feelings under the bus because of your silly emotions.
Pushing yourself away from Changmin’s warm breath and musky scent was one of the hardest things you have ever had to do, but you did, and just as the door opened with a slight bang.
“Jaejoong, wake Changmin and let’s go!” Yunho shouted, pulling his head back out the doors once more.
Well, there was the end of that moment, and it will never happen again. You thought as you smiled sweetly, logging the memory into your brain, never to be erased for as long as you lived.
“Wake up Minnie, time to go on set.” You said, his eyes fluttering open slowly and a grimace etching its way through his facial features.
“The light…it burns…” Changmin groaned, flicking his hair away from his forehead with a slight turn of the head as he sat up.
Biting your lip, the taste of the younger one still sitting softly on your tongue, you reply, a smile brightening up the small space.
“Let’s go make some music huh?”
Smiling back at you, he whispers,
“You have a nice smile hyung, you should show it more.” Grabbing his arm and pulling his towards the open door, you sigh,
“Back at you Min, come on, let’s go.”
And just like that, your dream was over, but you weren’t unhappy.
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Current Music: I Know You Won't - Carrie Underwood
Stephanietheresa_lynne on July 9th, 2008 05:24 am (UTC)
I'm unhappy. The dream ended. That's sad. Why does it have to be sad?

Okay, I'm not unhappy. It was cute. I wanna be Jaejoong. XD
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on July 9th, 2008 05:31 am (UTC)
the dream ended because I love writing drama....LOL!