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23 August 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Pleasurable Changes (Breathless Romance series)  
Title: Pleasurable Changes
Written By: Perriwynkkle
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: HoMin (Yunho x Changmin)
Length: 2/2, breathless romance series
Genre: Fluff/Crack, SMUT SMUT SMUT
Disclaimer: The hottie totties with the naughty bodies belong to SM...yet they still deserve to be chained to my bed.

Summary: Changmin never really could control his anger, so many avoid making him angry. Yet Yunho still hasn't learned...but Changmin's ever so willing to teach him.

A/N: Ehehehe...okay FINALLY I finished this two-parter. Damn....it took me over a week to get it finished, so I appologize, I am just really terrible right now aren't I? Well if the excuse of "I-had-a-final-last-week" makes you feel any sorry for me then that is why I didn't get it done faster. Also I had writers block *cries* I know, insert violins here.
ANYHOO, this was fun to write and the smut scene is definetly one of my more....interesting ones if I do say so myself. There is much more to come with the Breathless Romance series, and I cannot wait to continue!

“Mr. Shim, there is a Jung Yunho on line two, he says it’s urgent.” the secretary’s high trill rang through the small box on Changmin’s upper right mahogany desk.
Sighing in slight annoyance, Changmin pushed the button to reply, “Thank you Mêlée.”
Sucking in a deep breath, his long fingers wrapped around the slick black cord phone receiver, pulling the sleek box up to his diamond studded ear.
“President speaking.” He spat into the phone, his voice rough and intimidating as any CEO’s would be.
An unimpressed chuckle, “Is this the White House?”
“Hello Yunho…” Changmin bit his lip, the small muscle turning red at the pressure, “Can I help you? This isn’t exactly sounding like an urgent situation.”
“Why are you talking like that?” Yunho grunted, the sounds of quick footfalls pounding into the background.
“Are you at the dance studio?”
“Yes, I decided to come down here to finish up painting the front room…the maroon color is starting to really look nice.”
Changmin cleared a small phlegm, “Oh really? That’s good, I guess…what time will you be home tonight.”
“Erm…” scuffling echoed and a paint can groaned across a wooden floor, “That is what I was calling to tell you, I probably won’t be coming home until later tonight…maybe around 9pm.”
Changmin sat silent, his large leather computer chair now suffocating, “Why would you be that late, staying at the dance studio?”
Changmin could hear the rasp of hair against his ear, “Yeah, I just really want to get finished with the front room and then start up on the far wall in the street studio…you know the room with the great floor to ceiling windows on one side.”
“Oh, yes, I know what you are talking about…well, uhm, okay then I’ll just make dinner for one then…great.” He sighed, all of the brilliant plans he had made since this morning had just been flushed down the white proverbial toilet. “I will see you when you get home.”
Before Yunho could even reply, Changmin hung up the phone, harshly ramming the plastic down on its cloven hook. Why did Yunho always have to do that? He always had to be so kind to the workers and dancers in his academy, always doing the work for them. That was the one part of Yunho he completely and utterly adored, yet intensely wanted to destroy. It was his kind nature that always prevented them from doing anything really spontaneous or immediate, if they had the energy to do it in the first place. As the years had gone by, sex never really started to dissipate, nor did the drive or chemistry, but the energy and stress levels were either too high or too low to even want to think about doing the pleasurable deed. 
Changmin sat back far into his chair, the wheels it sat upon rolling strained against the plastic rug cover, his fingers tapping on his wooden desk.
It made him quite aggravated to think that Yunho may have been displeased with their sexual relations so far, although he had said many a time that he had in fact enjoyed himself immensely. So then was it him who was the one who was tired of the same old routine? Always him on the bottom, taking one for the team, while Yunho happily, and pleasurably, topped him like a bright red cherry on a sundae. Was it him who really needed the extra spice in their sexual relationship? He had never really considered the idea, since honestly, he had never had trouble getting aroused around Yunho, and he doubted it would never not happen. He had planned a whole evening of getting his revenge on Yunho, all things leading to what he had assumed may have been a very steamy sexual encounter…but now that was not to be, thanks to Yunho being in the kind, giving man position.
Yet, he was still quite angry from what Yunho had said the night before about their constant top-bottom positions. Yunho had referred to him as the woman in the relationship, which was quite the true statement, aside from the still lingering physical technicalities that got in the way.
Still the question remained, why had he been so angry last night before they had gone to bed…and why had he woke up still partially steaming?
Shaking his head, Changmin turned to his desk, grabbing a pen out of a small black cup, his quick scribbles on the back of a receipt highly illegible. 
Chuckles emanated from under his breath as he wrote, an erection growing intensely in his pressed black slacks from the mere thought of what he had just concerted.
Yunho was in for one interesting night.
Backing away on running shoed feet, Yunho inspected the wall he had just finished coating with two layers of maroon paint.
He smiled as he noticed no lumps, bumps, or imperfections in the dark red lacquer sliding like sensuous silk around the perfectly square room.
Taking his roller brush back the small paint bucket, Yunho dropped it in with a resounding clang, the metal of the brush hitting the tin of the worn can signaling his now finished project.
“Only three more rooms to go…yay for me.” Yunho groaned to himself as he looked with tired eyes out through the large windows on the opposite side of the room to where the sky had now turned a solemn black. The lights from the city twinkled happily and shiny cars passed by slowly on the street while Yunho softly walked around the room, observing the work well done.
“Knock-knock!” A happy voice sing-songed from the entrance-way to the studio. “Yunho where are you, I saw your car I know you’re here!”
Yunho smiled as he recognized the wispy voice, “In here Jae, first door to your left.”
Footsteps echoed closer until the owner appeared ever so gracefully into the open doorway to the brilliant red room. 
“Wow! This place looks really well done Yunnie.” Jaejoong gasped, his red streaked hair shining a haunting black under the low florescent lights. “Did you just finish?”
Yunho nodded, rubbing paint stained hands over spotted and worn jeans, “Yah, so try not to touch it, unless you would like to look like me.”
Jaejoong chuckled as he looked Yunho’s red splattered clothing and arms with flickering contact blue eyes, his dark leather jacket squeaking as he stepped closer to Yunho’s position, “You know, the Freddie Kruger look is totally not my style.”
“That would be true,” Yunho nodded, “Does it really look like blood?”
Jaejoong smiled, his white teeth seemingly self illuminating, “If you don’t squint.”
Yunho smirked, “Well you know that new secretary I hired, she just wasn’t cutting it, I left the body in your trunk…I’ll be back to pick it up on Thursday.”
A snorting chortle spit out through Jaejoong’s red lips, “That was a horrible joke, so what am I laughing?”
“Because I am awesome.” He said, popping the collar of his white tank top still smattered with drops of drying red paint.
“Oh yes, that’s right, I forgot about your insistent awesome, excuse my memory.” Jaejoong uttered with a shake of his red and black head and a twist of well manicured hands.
“So how are you Jae?” Yunho asked, their bodies still a few good feet apart.
Jaejoong bobbed his head, “Oh, I think I can say with all honesty I have been better.”
“What makes you say that?”
“SunHee and I, we’ve been getting into a lot of…loud arguments, over these past few weeks.” Jaejoong explained as Yunho noticed the small white cigarette popping out of the hair behind his ear, “She says I am too engrossed with my career to care about her…and when I try to talk to her about it she flips out, assuming that maybe I am covering up an affair or who I really am.” He looked up, his eyes glistening with the truth, “You know that is not who I am. I would never cheat on her, I love her. Does she really not trust me that much?”
“Did you start smoking again Jae?” Yunho asked while his frustration appeared to boil.
A huff, “Yes, but what does it matter?”
Yunho gaped, his eyes popping ungracefully from behind his large brow bones, “Isn’t that pretty much obvious?”
Realization came over Jaejoong’s perfectly sculpted facial features and his eyes diverted to the floor, “I am easily brought in under stress, you know that.”
Yunho nodded, though it was unseen by Jaejoong as he was currently fascinated by a run in the hardwood floor. “Jae, just keep telling her the truth of why you aren’t home as much or whatever, you know that is what she wants. Stop smoking too, it’s terrible for you and your already almost 30 and shit Jae, I would rather my best friend stick around for another few years.”
Stunned, Jaejoong stood there silent, his eyes still diverted to the floor while Yunho sighed from the middle of the room.
“Yunho…” Jaejoong asked, his tone dangerously close to wavering, “Are you thinking I am going to die?”
Yunho sighed again, the harsh breath echoing through the empty dance hall, “If you keep smoking like an express train yes.”
“And do you really think I haven’t been told that before?”
“No, I assume you have been told, but it won’t stop me from saying it again.”
Jaejoong chuckled dryly, the humor invisible, “Well, then I must be the worst human being for doing something that though bad for me, helps me in some nasty, inexcusable way.”
“Okay then, enough with the sarcasm.” Yunho exclaimed, raising his palm in front of his torso, “Just promise me that you will quit, completely, at some point.”
Jaejoong only nodded, finally looking up from the wooden floor and closing the distance between their two bodies to smack Yunho lightly on the upper arm.
“You’re such a girl.”
Yunho guffawed, “Since when is being scared for one’s best friend’s health make one a girl?” he asked as he grasped the heavy pot of paint to carry it into the open front entranceway.
“You have a point.” Jaejoong sighed, jingling the car keys he had left in his hand. “So are you heading home?”
Nodding, Yunho grabbed a worn jean jacket off a nearby chair, “Yeah, I told Min I would be home around 9 and it is already getting to be 8:30, so I should get going.”
“Well, you two have to come visit sometime soon alright?” Jaejoong proclaimed, his finger pointing accusingly at Yunho’s chest, “I still owe you guys pizza and beer.”
Chuckling, Yunho walked happily to the door, holding the large glass open for Jaejoong to also make his exit. “We could watch videos of our resilient youth! What do you say?”
Yunho turned as they clipped quickly across the darkened parking lot, “Resilient youth? But aren’t we all still too young to say that we aren’t any more?” he asked, pulling his car keys from his back butt pocket, the A-Nation 2008 chain still hanging disheveled between his fingertips.
“Just shut up and say you will come when I ask.” Jaejoong said with a compelling glare in Yunho’s direction over the hood of his small four-door.
Yunho raised his hands in mock surrender, “Okay okay, call us next week and we can set up a time…now will you shut up about it and let me drive home?”
“Shutting up.” Jaejoong shouted as he climbed with a bright toothed smile into the driver’s seat.
“Changmin?” Yunho called into the seemingly empty apartment as he quickly discarded his shoes and exited the entrance way. Turning on the lights as he went, Yunho gaited into the kitchen, the mild smell of white rice and beans still lingering from Changmin’s cooked dinner. His stomach growled at the thought of warm food, and Yunho then realized he hadn’t had any meal since lunch early that afternoon. Wanting to take off his dirty clothes, yet still too hungry to care, Yunho tore the cooler’s door wide open, grabbing the first Tupperware container he saw, digging his fingers quickly into the leftover steak from two nights before.
“I am assuming forks are for pussies?”
“AH!” Yunho jumped, a few pieces of mashed potato flying to the tiled floor in his mild surprise. “Changmin, shit you scared me.”
“I can see that.” He replied, smirking in the entrance to the kitchen, a white rocker t-shirt and boxers adorning his lean body while his hair lay lightly curly drying from the shower.
“Did you finish the painting?” he asked, walking silently over the counter to grab a paper towel.
Yunho swallowed a mouthful of potato, “Yeah, all done…with the front room at least.”
Changmin nodded his approval as he wiped up the spilled dinner, “Good, I am happy for you. You even came home on time tonight too,” he stood up from the floor near Yunho’s bare feet, his brown hair shimmering in the low florescent lights, “Oh and I got a call from Jae, said he visited you at the studio while you wrapped up. Said he wanted to have a night with all the guys again.”
“Yeah he wants to have a get together next week, so just be prepared for it I guess.” Yunho muffled between large bites of home-cooked food as Changmin perched himself on a nearby counter, his long legs dangling over the side. Finishing up his meal, Yunho smirked as Changmin watched him content from his counter post, wide brown eyes roaming over his paint splattered chest and pants.
“Like what you see?” Yunho asked as he quickly rinsed out the bowl and placed it carefully into the dishwasher, strutting across the kitchen until his middle was in between Changmin’s open legs.
Changmin snorted, his palms coming up to sit warm against Yunho’s hip bones as he wiggled his butt closer to the edge of the small laminate counter top.
“I always like what I see when it comes to you.” He sniggered, “But it still looks like you had a sacrificial animal slaughter.”
Yunho laughed, “Maybe red wasn’t the color I should have used, even Jaejoong said the same thing.” Smiling, Yunho quickly kissed Changmin on his puckered lips, “Maybe it is time I took a shower…”
But he didn’t move away from the encompassing length of Changmin’s strong arms, his eyes were all too happy trailing over his lover’s smooth neck and sensuous collar bones.
Dragging a hand up Yunho’s taught covered abs and hard pecs, Changmin brought Yunho down to his lips, running his tongue over Yunho’s small nose.
“Go take a shower,” he giggled, “You stink.”
“Did I really stink?” Yunho asked as he wandered into their shared bedroom, his hair being ruffled by a large blue towel hanging down past his shoulders.
Changmin looked up from where he had been reading a magazine, “Like paint and woodchips.” He explained, the magazine crinkling between his fingers, “Though it did make you smell manly, like a hot construction worker.”
The comment made Yunho choke slightly on the water he had brought up to his mouth, the pill he had been trying to swallow coming back up between his teeth once more.
Changmin looked on in confused entertainment as Yunho finally swallowed the pill and started to cough, “What is so funny?” he asked while Yunho beat a fist against his chest.
Looking up through watery eyes, Yunho replied, “Do you have a thing for construction workers?”
“Not unless you were one.” Changmin smiled fully, the sarcasm apparent on his warm face.
Yunho rolled his eyes and pulled the towel off his head, setting it silently down on a nearby chair to let it dry.
The air became awkward as Yunho climbed quickly into their bed, waiting for Changmin to reply to his presence, yet not getting a peep. Clearing his throat, Yunho asked,
“Is there something wrong with you tonight?”
A smirk crossed Changmin’s face, “Why do you ask?”
Yunho shrugged, “I don’t know, just something seems off…like your upset with me.”
Looking back down onto his magazine, Changmin’s eyebrows rose, “Oh really now, what made you think that?”
“That answer.” Yunho replied.
Setting the magazine on the floor, Changmin turned to his lover, his brown eyes sparkling evilly in the yellow lamp light from behind his small back.
“You don’t remember?” he asked.
Yunho shook his head, “No, should I have?”
Changmin started to feel the heat rise in his veins, the annoyance and anger begin to pull on his heart strings, “I don’t know, should you have?”
Raising his hands in the air, Yunho cried, “Why are you deciding to act like a hormonal woman all of a sudden?”
“Wha-what!” Changmin stuttered in anger, “I am not!”
“Oh well, pretty soon you’re going to be asking me to run to the nearest 7-11 for pickles and tampons!” Yunho shouted, his long arms crossing in front of his broad chest while Changmin watched him open mouthed. “You’re not still angry about yesterday night are you? Honestly, Min it was only a statement!”
“Psh, a statement of my dwindling masculinity!” he cried, throwing hesitant arms up into the warm air.
“Come on Changmin; get over the fact that you are the bottom! Honestly, I don’t see why you are mad about this!” Yunho sighed, shaking his head and looking away towards their closed and curtained balcony door. “I mean, Changmin seriously can’t you…”
But Yunho was cut short by a strong pair of lips landing harshly onto his, bringing his head crashing into the headboard with a resounding bang. Though injured as he was, Changmin wasn’t letting up, prying open his teeth with a questing tongue and sucking lips, mixing their saliva creating a whole new sweeter taste.
Hands tore at his boxers and sweat shirt, lifting them up and away from his body while their mouth only ever left each other for less than a second. But as Yunho reached to pull the fabric adorning his lover, Changmin grabbed his hands and harshly lifted them over his head, pinning them to the headboard with hardened fists.
Wrenching his mouth off of Changmin’s, Yunho gazed nervously into his eyes, surprised and yet turned on by the dark lust and burning anger he found swimming inside the dilated pupils.
Changmin licked his lips as he looked down upon Yunho, his naked skin glistening in the low lamp light, his dark-tan nipples hard and aimed for pleasure, and his penis already standing red, tall, and angry. Changmin was also very hard, yet it was time to keep his hidden…for the moment at least.
“You shouldn’t have said that.” Changmin whispered, his voice grumbling and husky with sexual desire, making Yunho shiver.
Sitting on Yunho’s legs, Changmin ripped off his shirt with one hand, securing the loose ends around Yunho’s wrists and the wooden headboard near his skull. Pulling the fabric neat and tight, Changmin sat back on Yunho’s naked thighs, his boxer clad bottom rubbing softly against his lover’s erect cock standing open to the breeze.
Leaning down close to Yunho’s open and panting lips, Changmin swiftly kissed him, their lips smashing hard together yet pulling just as quickly away.
Changmin’s palms opened wide over Yunho’s bare chest, the warm fingertips dancing over hardened brown nipples, tan skin, and a slick six pack, a pinky falling into his tingling belly button.
Changmin’s eyes sparkled mischievously, “You look so sexy under me.” He murmured smiling as he purposefully rubbed his pert ass against Yunho’s stiff penis, eliciting a deep, guttural groan from the now aroused owner.
“I want to touch you…” Yunho replied, the sentence coming out breathless and desperate as he pulled on the tightly knotted t-shirt containing his itching hands.  Leaning as far up as his constrained legs and arms would let him, Yunho bucked into Changmin’s hips, watching as his lover’s eyes never waned from his own two orbs.
“Tonight is my night to touch.” Changmin answered, sliding down Yunho’s body until their chests rubbed and pulled against each other, hard nipples poking in combined pleasure.
Groans echoed through the room as Changmin licked a steamy path down Yunho’s extended neck and over his growing pecs, stopping to suck and lick at a budding areola. The saliva pooled on Yunho’s chest as Changmin lapped hungrily, his tongue darting pink and hot from between his open wet lips. His hands roamed smoothly down silky skin wrapping around the firm muscles of Yunho’s torso and upper thighs, his long fingers leaving warm trails of pleasure in their wake.
 Yunho whined in delight as Changmin continued to plunder his now sore nipples and rub diligent hands ever closer to his insistent erection. It was almost too much, yet it never really got far enough for him to go over the edge. It was to the point of it being maddening, but so incredibly satisfying that saying stop would have been both needed and undesirable. Closing his eyes, Yunho could feel every brush of Changmin’s plundering tongue, every stroke of a heated palm along his smoldering, sweaty flesh.
A stuttering breath left from between Yunho’s teeth as Changmin placed sloppy, open mouth kisses in succession down his constantly panting stomach, twinkling eyes staring up at him from between glimmering brown bangs.
As the kisses came closer to Yunho’s trailing black pubic hair, Changmin pulled himself back up to Yunho’s blushing cheeks, capturing his mouth, swallowing a deep, guttural moan.
“Fuck your sexy.” Changmin gasped as he broke away by a mere inch to stare with golden brown eyes into Yunho’s own liquid ink irises. Yunho’s lips shone with their clear, mingled saliva, his hair ruffled and disheveled hanging out over his forehead while his half-moon eyes glinted in the yellow lamp-light. He was absolutely stunning, brilliantly breathtaking, and Changmin couldn’t believe he was his. From the top of his head, to the tips of his toes, all of it was his. His soul, his mind, his happiness, his sadness, the sparkle in his eyes when he came home to a warm meal, the flashing white smile after a round of incredible sex, his wonderfully smooth skin, only Changmin was to see and feel.  It made him feel like a water balloon filled to its maximum capacity, the intense emotions only pushing him closer to the edge of breaking. Breaking the restraints of how someone could love this much.  
Rising up on his elbows, Changmin ran a long fingered hand gently through Yunho’s sweaty hair, bringing a sigh of content out of Yunho’s lungs.
“God I love you so much.” Changmin sighed, kissing Yunho softly on his swollen, red lips.
Yunho smiled as Changmin broke away, himself feeling a little awkward still being tied up and sat upon, “I love you too.” He grunted, wriggling his legs underneath Changmin’s still boxer clad lower half, “What happened, I thought you were angry.”
A sigh once again escaped from between Changmin’s lips as he continued to run his hands up and down Yunho’s sweaty chest, “Oh, I am still frustrated with you, but I didn’t want you to think I don’t still love you.” He chuckled, “No matter how annoying you can be, I can still feel an undying emotion for you.”
Yunho nodded, dragging his eyes up and down Changmin’s exposed chest, “Well then, why don’t you prove to me how much you love me?”
Licking his lips with a scolding hot tongue, Yunho slowly bucked his hips up into Changmin’s, their eyes meeting in lustful succession.
“Fuck me.” Yunho whispered huskily, “Fuck me, Changmin.”
Changmin sat still for a second, his brain still comprehending the insistent plea from his adoring lover, Yunho wanted him to make love to him, and he was willing to be fucked.
Smacking a quick but passionate kiss on Yunho’s waiting mouth; Changmin scooted down between Yunho’s strong, sturdy legs, pulling off his own boxers and throwing them eagerly to the hardwood floor.
Kneeling down on his knees, Changmin stared lovingly at the naked man before him, his own hand straying to his red and swollen shaft to give it a swift pump.
“Like what you see?” Yunho asked gratingly, his own eyes gobbling up Changmin’s naked form in front of him. “Then come get it.” He stated, slowly parting his legs, revealing his entire self to Changmin’s hungry eyes.
Changmin couldn’t seem to comprehend what was happening, he had had it all planned in his head about how it was going to work out tonight, yet now that it was happening, his brain and body weren’t seeming to work in cohesion.
Licking his lips, which had suddenly gone dry, Changmin brought his hand down onto Yunho’s quivering inner thigh, the smooth white skin leading him happily down.
Shuddering a sigh, Yunho watched as Changmin’s hand slowly tracked a path of tingles down his thigh and onto his perineum, the ghostly touches of his fingertips blazing fire into his groin.  
A glob of spit seemed to form on it’s own in Changmin’s dry throat as he watched his fingers travel ever closer to Yunho’s puckering pink entrance.
A moan of pleasure erupted from Yunho’s open lungs as Changmin finally fingered his hole; he had never known that it really felt this good.
“Hold on.” Changmin exclaimed, leaning over Yunho to grab the lube out of the bedside dresser, spurting out a large amount onto his fingers and Yunho’s waiting bottom.
Tracing his fingers around the edge, Changmin slowly inserted one finger, looking up as Yunho gasped at the intrusion of the cold digit.
“You okay?” Changmin asked nervously, as he knew Yunho had never done this before.
Yunho nodded, sweat rolling down his shining forehead, “More than okay, go ahead, add another finger.”
Inserting a second lubed finger, Changmin bit his lip and smiled as Yunho shouted and writhed in ecstasy, his face glowing with anticipation for the next bout of electric bliss.
“You know Changmin…” Yunho grunted, lifting his hips as Changmin shoved in a third finger, scissoring their length in and out, “You don’t have to be so gentle with me.”
Changmin chuckled, “Well you’ve never done this before.”
Yunho blushed, “Actually,” he started to explain, his face becoming lobster red, “I have…done this…fingering.”
Changmin’s eyes went wide in surprise, “What? When?” he asked, his fingers still pumping in and out of Yunho’s sucking asshole.
“Whenever you’re gone, and I get…” Yunho sucked in a breath as Changmin hit his prostate, “…lonely…I….well, I masturbate.”
Yunho felt Changmin’s fingers pull out of his hole and watched as his lover’s face glazed over in lust.
Naughty thoughts of Yunho lying naked on their bed, his legs spread with his fingers pumping in and out of his quivering entrance, while the other hand stroking and tugging on his cock made Changmin almost forget what he was doing. The thought was hot enough to make him climax, Yunho masturbating…delicious.
Snapping out of his daydream, Changmin looked down at Yunho, his lover’s hands still tied to the headboard, and his legs still widely spread on either side of his own slim hips and angry erection.
Slicking his length quickly with the lube, Changmin grabbed Yunho’s legs, shoving one underneath his hips and the other onto his shoulder, turning him slightly to his left.
“Yunho…” he gasped, ready to plunge in, “Can I just…”
Gasping back, Yunho thrust his hips, “Fuck me like a man.”
Taking that as his cue, Changmin rammed his hard cock into Yunho’s rucking asshole, the lube and stretching making the entrance easy and tight.
Yunho was hot on his rod, the squeezing vice making him want to explode, though he wanted this to last.
Grabbing the leg on his shoulder, Changmin started thrusting fast and unrelentlessly, his erection squelching in and out of Yunho’s pliable ass. Yunho couldn’t help but shout out a moan as the thick contours of Changmin’s cock brushed against the soft nub of his prostate again and again.
Changmin felt Yunho’s climax nearing as his ass clamped down ever harder against the impaling rocking of his penis, but it wasn’t time yet.
Slowing down, Changmin waited a few seconds between each enter and escape; the snail pace making Yunho whine through clamped teeth and flex his grasping fists on the sheets.
“Oh gods, please Changmin, go faster, fuck me faster.” Yunho begged, his sweaty chest pumping up and down with each ragged breath sucked down his dry throat.
Changmin shook his head, the perspiration gathering in his sticky bangs and long eyelashes, “Mmm, but you feel so good.” He moaned, slowing the pace even more, “Let’s see how long we last.”
The slow pace continued, Yunho moaning as Changmin shoved leisurely and measured, his cock sliding with echoing slapping coming from between their connected hips.
At 10 minutes Changmin could feel the delightful burn in his thighs and butt as the constant back and fourth worked all the muscles he had left. When the clock hit 15 minutes, Yunho was drenched in his own sweat, Changmin’s own perspiration dripping carelessly onto Yunho’s stomach, melding their fluids together, among other things.
Once Changmin checked that they had reached 25 minutes, he looked down at Yunho and glanced quickly at his purple, mad erection, straining heated up into the air between them.
“Yunho…” Changmin whimpered, his voice breaking with the strain to hold back his orgasm, “Hold on.”
Pulling back his hips, Changmin snapped them foreword, Yunho screaming out in delight as the cock repeatedly rammed him into the wooden headboard. Yunho’s legs shook as Changmin’s thick length rubbed the insides of his hole, the tight friction finally sending him over the satisfactory edge.
Changmin stared as Yunho, without having his cock touched once, shot hard and long, ropes of sticky white seed landing on his chest and open legs or bubbling down the length of his stiff member in pouting globs.
“Oh fuck…” Changmin muttered, the erotic sight of Yunho in orgasmic bliss sending Changmin hurdling into his own brilliant release. He drove hard and fast into Yunho, his steaming cum siphoning and shooting up into Yunho’s constricting insides, coating his walls.
“How the hell am I supposed to get all this shit out?” Yunho complained as he turned on the shower, the tapping from the drops sounding happily through the small bathroom.
Changmin stared down at Yunho’s backside, white strings of his cum from a few minutes before; dripping down his boyfriend’s parted thighs.
“You don’t.” Changmin replied, a sarcastic smile pulling on the corners of his lips.
Yunho rolled his eyes, “You tell me this now.”
Changmin nodded as he looked into the mirror, “More fun that way.”
Joining Changmin in front of their bathroom mirror, Yunho wrapped his arms around Changmin’s slim hips, his fingers grazing his lover’s black pubic curls and tickling their surface.
“You were really sexy tonight.” Yunho said, his fingers dipping lower to run lightly over Changmin’s now limp penis as his lips trailed an earlobe.
“Does that mean I get to fuck you more often?” Changmin asked expectantly, Yunho pulling away in annoyance.
Pulling open the shower curtain, Yunho turned, “We’ll have to test it out more often to get a definite answer.”
“So that’s a yes then?” Changmin raised an eyebrow in question.
Yunho smiled and jiggled his butt before quickly jumping into the shower,
“Let’s find out…”


And holy shitballz, it's over! I know, your in a panic, but don't worry, there is more to come from Breathless Romance yes yes! 
Comments, as always, are appreciated and very welcome! Thanks for reading ladies!
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Stephanie: Changmin // OMG!! Hahahatheresa_lynne on August 24th, 2008 06:30 am (UTC)
Hahaha... I love an angry, dominating Changmin, but Yunho as the bottom? Nuh uh. I giggled way too much thinking about it. :P

Oddly enough, why is it only MinSu that I can see Min as the top in? XDDDD

Ah, but this was still delish.
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 06:35 am (UTC)
pssshhh. Bottom!Yunho is so totally hot and you know you love it.

MinSu....ew. Well, I love the Min part...I am so mean, I can't see Junsu with anyone in the pairings...I really can't.
Kazuko: oh Yeahkakkobean on August 24th, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)

perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 25th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)
*hearts for reading*
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: tonguefiat_amorfati on August 24th, 2008 06:53 am (UTC)
*incoherent mess*

“Though it did make you smell manly, like a hot construction worker.”
i iz rabu construction worker yunho with eyeliner is lyke dis


I WANT TO REPLACE ALL CHANGMIN NAME WITH MINE. OMG, this is just like so fucking awesome *sobs*
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: chunlovefiat_amorfati on August 24th, 2008 06:54 am (UTC)
and seme!maknae~ MORE LOVE from the homin smut deprived moi. You just saved my life *clings*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:20 am (UTC)
I saved your life!!! OMG, I am honored!

I am really happy you liked it so much! *hugs for you*
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: getminfiat_amorfati on August 24th, 2008 07:24 am (UTC)
You have no idea what this chapter did to me. no idea at all~~ *puddle of horny goo*

Gah, I'm so tempted to print it out novel style XD
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:25 am (UTC)
*squees* I have never had anyone tell me they loved a story enough to print it out! XDDD I am very happy now! You makes me one happy writer, yes you do! *glomps*

I am glad I have that kind of effect!
나는 KEEPITLOW 나는 KEEPITLOW: tonguefiat_amorfati on August 24th, 2008 07:34 am (UTC)
I have never had anyone tell me they loved a story enough to print it out!
i think i said that for all of your breathless offshots -flails-

I can't wait for the next one. I think.. I'm gonna read it again. *sits at the corner munching on homin cookies *
(Deleted comment)
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:36 am (UTC)
YAY love for the fic! *adds check mark*

I feel loved!
romanchika: min_raindropsromanchika on August 24th, 2008 11:22 am (UTC)
that was pure hotness! oh my... i love Minho! yes yes Min on top and Yunho on bottom is just so sexy! gahh write more!
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Yunho is very sexy as a bottom yes!
I will write more soon!

Thanks for reading and enjoying!
Yuxiyuxo on August 24th, 2008 02:56 pm (UTC)
mmmmmmmm bottom!yunyun. 8D honestly, he was born to bottom. >_> idk why people don't see it. he's so good at taking it. 8DDDD

perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Yunho is just pure sex when he is on the bottom...I don't know how others can't see it either. *shakes head*

Thanks for reading!
coolplastic19 on August 24th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
uke!ho is absolutely delicious O.O
seriously, Yunho and Changmin make for the hottest sex in all the dbsk pairings...well done! *bows to your smutty greatness*
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 24th, 2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
uke!ho is very delicious ain't he? LOL!

They do make for really hot sex...I think it is cause their manliness combined is practically atom bomb strength.

Thanks for reading!
telepathic: [dbsk] yunho = godtelepathic on August 24th, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
i have a weakness for uke!yunho. it's totally hot XD
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 25th, 2008 12:06 am (UTC)
hotness at it's maximum yes!

Thanks for reading!
(Deleted comment)
perriwynkkleperriwynkkle on August 25th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
AHAHA!!! Okay, more will come soon!

Thanks for reading!
criztalinzcriztalinz on May 13th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
ok.. you know i'm new to dbsk craze.. so, gomen ne for this extremely laaaatttteeee comment.. >.<..

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! that was so freakin' HOT!! *squirm around*.. aaa~ i think i need cold shower XD. Seme-as-hell!Min is like WOAH! <-- he may started as bottom and innocent.. but the way he looks now plus that cool, sexy, confident persona of his.. there's no way Changmin would stay in his uke role for long *evil laugh*